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As we know, the life of a couple is not always a long quiet river, it is a succession of good and bad times according to the vagaries of life. Ups and downs, days with and days without, but the main thing is to obviously have the most happy moments to share with two. So how to build a harmonious couple’s life? There are as many answers about this as there are couple problems, but if there is one thing to remember for your couple to work it is that nothing beats communication. And this, whether you have been together for 6 months or for 10 years.


Without good communication, without regular and constructive exchanges together, your couple will not last long in any case not serenely. However, it may be that at times, as the routine is invited, the ideas for conversation topics to share are lacking. So what to talk about to maintain a good balance within your couple? To help you move forward together and develop your complicity, here are 10 topics of couple conversation to maintain communication and be fulfilled and happy together.


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10 couple conversation topics to maintain communication

What are the topics of discussion to have regularly as a couple to make sure that we know each other well, that we communicate well and that we do not let the routine turn into boredom? Apart from knowing if the other has had a good day, if everything is going well at work, if the children have done their homework? What do you have to talk about together to be a solid, complicit and happy couple?

#1 His emotions

Talking about oneself, one’s emotions, in an intimate way, is not always easy, and many do not dare. Many men in particular. The fear of being vulnerable, fragile. Or out of modesty.

Talking about your emotions, feelings and thoughts is essential to take the temperature of your couple. If one of you goes wrong, it is the couple who suffers. So share what’s okay, what’s wrong, and gently open the doors of your secret garden.

Emotional health is just as important as physical health, so it’s important to care about it and communicate about it together.


#2 His state of health

Health, in fact, is a subject that should never be taboo in a couple. Telling your spouse that you have been suffering lately from insomnia or back pain is part of normal dialogue within a couple. You are also together for this, to support you, to relieve you and to help each other at all levels. Whether you’re just getting tired or a little bit of blues or, on the contrary, if you’re worried about your health, share this source of stress with your partner to bring the burden to two. Being in a couple also sometimes means having the role of the caregiver, the companion, the caregiver.

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#3 His dreams

When was the last time you discussed your dreams with your partner? You know, the life you dream of having, the couple you dream of creating, the family you start imagining or the impact you want to have on the world. So many essential subjects for your personal and couple development because it is by sharing your dreams even the wildest that you will get to know each other better. You love each other for many reasons, and your dreams are part of it.

#4 What we like about each other: one of the couple’s conversation topics to maintain communication

What do you like most about him or her? What has he been doing lately for which you would like to thank him? What do you feel grateful for?

Practicing gratitude can allow you to grow as an individual and also strengthen your relationship. The compliments, it feels good to deliver as to receive some, the small attentions, the services rendered, the gifts … so many small things that are part of the language of love and that constitute one of the fundamental bases of a good couple communication. Telling him/her why you love him/her and thanking him/her for his/her actions is the basis of gratitude, essential for a harmonious couple relationship.


#5 Couple intimacy

This is a subject that is still sometimes too taboo in couples. And yet, intimacy, desire is a kind of gauge to know if the couple is well. So talking about it more openly and gradually according to your personalities is important.

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What do you like? When you receive what you like, how do you feel? What desires have not yet dared to share? What is missing for it to be “perfect”? And of course, what do you prefer?

So many questions, and many others, that it is normal to share within your couple. Physical communication must be maintained as much as verbal communication.

5 other couple conversation topics to maintain communication

#6 couple conversation topic: Her fears

We all have fears, fears, anxieties, even phobias… What are your fears of life in general? And those inherent in your couple? Fidelity, fear of commitment, having a child? These are all subjects that can paralyze us and block communication.


Fears have this tendency to isolate us and make us stand still in life. Being vulnerable, opening up and exposing our fears, allows on the contrary an immediate connection to the other. Talking about them is essential to learn to relativize them and to overcome them. Remember that you are there to reassure one another.

#7 His couple problems

Talking about unpleasant things, whether it is a difficulty at work or with a loved one for example, is important to evacuate and allow you to better resolve the situation. But if there is one subject that should not be avoided, it is that of a possible couple problem.

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Before it turns into a crisis, learn to communicate about your disagreements, misunderstandings and disappointments. Indeed, it is never good to pretend that nothing had happened. Don’t be afraid to take the first step Then, find both of them a compromise. Plus, every problem you solve together will make you stronger in the long run.

#8 His good memories: one of the positive topics of couple conversation to maintain communication

“You remember when… “ is a magic phrase because it revives happy moments and is a great start for a couple conversation. Indeed, talking about the past is not necessarily negative! So just take the time from time to time to remember the fun things you’ve done together, funny or moving memories… to share this kind of moment is to remember why we love each other. And it feels good!


#9 His different life and couple projects

Where are you at work? Do you dream of a new job, an increase, to start your own business? And personally, what are your goals? And your partner? By regularly discussing your small and large aspirations together, you will more easily succeed in achieving them and strengthen the bond that unites you.

It is healthy to talk about your future together and to have projects,a source of inspiration and motivation to renew yourself and move forward together. Stimulation and encouragement in a couple is an essential basis of any project of a couple that lasts.

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#10 His philosophy of life

This topic of couple conversation can start from the one about your dreams, in order to broaden the discussion, or take it elsewhere, towards your philosophy of life, your global vision, the things that affect you, the causes to defend, and the impact that you would like to leave. If we had to remember only one thing about you, what would it be? What trace do you want to leave? And your couple, what does it bring you?

If you go deep, this conversation for two will push you to decide who you want to be and which couple you want to build.


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