10 signs that prove that he really loves you

(signs that prove that he really loves you)

signs that prove that he really loves you

You know you love yourself, no doubt about it but it is always nice to read and reread the signs that prove that it is crazy to ♥


1/ It includes you

Whatever happens, your darling always tries to put himself in your shoes, to understand your point of view, even if he does not share it? When he sees you sad or angry, he tries to understand the causes, and makes every effort to calm you down and make you feel better… Here is a sign that he loves you very much.

2/ He shows you his love (signs that prove that he really loves you)

Many people, have difficulty putting words on their feelings, especially guys (it’s neither a cliché nor sexist, just a statement!). So try to decode the messages that pass through their attitude: Your darling prepared dinner for you as you returned from a tiring day of work? That is another very good sign!

3/ He listens to you

Does he listen to you when you speak? Is he interested in what you tell him? Or is it more focused on television or laptop? If he gives you his full attention, you can be sure that he is crazy about you!

4/ He is always happy when he is with you (signs that prove that he really loves you)

When he is with you he smiles, laughs… in short, it is good and everyone can see it! He is always happy to spend time with you and could even trade parties with his friends to spend time by your side.

5/ He compliments you

He notices every detail of your appearance, of your dress that is out of the ordinary? And he compliments you regularly? He tells you how beautiful he finds you even when he wakes up? One more good sign!

6/ He takes care of you (signs that prove that he really loves you)

You are sick and he is a real doctor at your bedside? He cocoone you, does everything to make your recovery less difficult? You can be sure that it really cares about you!

7/ He is proud of you, and he shows it

He does not hesitate to tell you that he is proud of your achievements, proud to be with someone like you. And he does not hesitate to talk about you to his entourage, his friends, and his family… For sure it’s an excellent clue!

8/ He cares about your opinion

He regularly asks you for your opinion, and asks for your advice? This means that he is interested in what you think, and that he projects himself into the future with you. (signs that prove that he really loves you)

9/ It makes you feel special

It multiplies the touching attentions? Beyond the simple words, he shows concretely that in his eyes, you are the love of his life, the ideal woman for him.

10/ He declares his love to you

This is still the best sign among all! (signs that prove that he really loves you)

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