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100 naughty questions to ask as a couple to awaken desire



Naughty questions to ask as a couple to awaken desire

Naughty questions to ask as a couple to awaken desire

It is not always easy to keep desire awake in your couple. The time that passes, the worries, the fatigue, the daily life, the children sometimes, the routine that settles … These are all factors that do not always promote a fulfilling intimate life. To rekindle the flame,or in any case not to let it go out, it is sometimes enough of little. Enjoy a quiet evening or the moment when you both go to bed to play the game of naughty questions with this list of 100 naughty questions to ask as a couple to awaken desire.


100 naughty questions to ask as a couple to awaken desire

You can even anticipate things by starting to text them to yourself during the day when you’re not together. This will put forward the desire you have for one another. For this, nothing could be simpler! Select the questions of your choice from this list of 100 naughty questions to ask as a couple to awaken desire.


It’s up to you!

  1. What do you want right now?
  2. What’s the weirdest place you’ve had sex?
  3. You tell me a fantasy that you have never confessed to anyone?
  4. What celebrity could inspire you with desire?
  5. Which part of my body excites you the most?
  6. Do you like role-playing games?
  7. Would you like to see me in uniform sexy?
  8. Do you want us to use toys for adults?
  9. Do you want me to buy toys for tonight?
  10. What is your favorite position?
  11. The one that gives you the most pleasure?
  12. And the one you really don’t like?
  13. Have you ever simulated with me?
  14. Do you want a massage?
  15. Which part of your body do you prefer that I massage?
  16. What do you think of massage oils?
  17. Would you rather have sex with the lights on or off?
  18. In broad daylight or with a subdued atmosphere?
  19. Is there something you don’t want to do anymore?
  20. Do you like raw words during love?
  21. And the little nicknames in love?
  22. Do you prefer Chantilly or chocolate?
  23. Do you want to have fun with ice cubes?
  24. How do you feel when I bite your earlobe?
  25. Would you like me to blindfold you?
  26. Would you like us to use accessories (handcuffs, tie…)?
  27. 50 shades of Grey, you know?
  28. Do you like hot literature?
  29. What makes you reach the 7th heaven?
  30. What are the words you like that I whisper in your ear?
  31. How would you describe the perfect foreplay?
  32. Do you want us to watch a naughty movie tonight?
  33. What do you think of “porn”?
  34. Which part of your body do you prefer?
  35. Do you remember the best time we had sex?
  36. The most passionate?
  37. The most romantic?
  38. For preliminaries, do you prefer them long or short?
  39. The kiss during orgasm, for or against?
  40. In your opinion, in bed, among all that you do to me, what do I prefer?
  41. And among all that you do to me in bed, what do you prefer to do to me?
  42. What would you do if I opened the bare door to yourself?
  43. Which naughty word do you prefer?
  44. How many times a month would you like us to have sex?
  45. Where do you prefer me to kiss you?
  46. Is there anything you’ve never done but would like to try?
  47. What is your favorite preliminary?
  48. Do you prefer to have sex in the evening or during the day?
  49. What is the most unusual place where you have made love?
  50. How long did our longest hug last?

50 other naughty questions to ask yourself as a couple

  1. What can excite you in the blink of an eye?
  2. Where do you like to be stroked?
  3. Would you like us to send sexts to ourselves?
  4. And naughty photos?
  5. Do you want to use food during our hugs?
  6. What lingerie do you prefer to wear?
  7. Do you like to cuddle alone?
  8. What excites you the most about me?
  9. Do you find me romantic enough?
  10. And sensual enough?
  11. Do you prefer when I’m rather sweet or wild?
  12. What would you shout if we made love there now?
  13. Do you want me right now?
  14. In your last hot dream, what were we doing?
  15. Have you ever woken up wanting me?
  16. What is the most romantic place to have sex?
  17. If you could only make love in one way until the end of your days, which one would you choose?
  18. What is the most sensitive part of your body?
  19. And if we missed the night doing only preliminaries, would you hold out?
  20. In which public place would you like us to have sex?
  21. What game would you like to play?
  22. How many times a week do you want to have sex?
  23. What is the phrase you like to hear after having sex?
  24. What are you going to do to me right now?
  25. Hot shower or bubble bath?
  26. What is the outfit in which you would like to see me?
  27. What place do you give to carnal pleasures in our relationship?
  28. Do some of the things I do make you crack?
  29. Do you prefer to be sweet or wild in bed?
  30. What do you think of the villainous naps in the afternoon?
  31. Room or other room for a hug?
  32. What if we programmed ourselves the next weekend under the duvet?
  33. Morning or evening?
  34. Is it different every time level sensations?
  35. What is your favorite song for a romantic moment?
  36. If I let you choose my outfit to go out in love, which one do you choose?
  37. Would you like to go out in a libertine club?
  38. And in a strip club?
  39. What tricks did you try to seduce me?
  40. Do you find me exciting?
  41. Suckers are “oh yes” or “no thank you”?
  42. What kind of love kisses do you prefer? Rather smack or French kiss?
  43. Which color of underwear do you prefer?
  44. If you were a sexy song, which one would you be?
  45. What do I do that makes you lose the pedals?
  46. Which of your senses do you prefer to exploit?
  47. How do you feel when we kiss?
  48. Make love when you wake up, are you more for or against?
  49. When was the last time you dreamed of me?
  50. If you were a naughty delicacy, which one would you be?

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