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fun questions to ask your partner

Laughter is often the best medicine! And what better way to feel good with your partner than to laugh together a good shot? To put some joy back into your daily life, here are 11 light and fun questions to ask your partner! So you can learn more about your partner and their sense of humor!


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Light and fun questions (fun questions to ask your partner)

1/ If you had a tame unicorn, what would you call it?


Corporal Féétincelle, first of the name, in a personal capacity!

2/ Instantly quote me three things that go through your head, anything, now!

Pasta, Pope, Butterfly!

3/ If you could commit a crime without being caught, which one would it be?


Steal an ice truck, or rob a casino at the Ocean 11!

4/ Which fictional character would you like to play? (fun questions to ask your partner)

Spider-man, for the upside-down kiss scene (in the very first Spider-man)! Even if it seems that it is uncomfortable as much as possible.

5/ Would you rather endure childbirth, or wear shoes with heels all your life?


Wear heel shoes all your life! although…

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6/ If I gave you the opportunity to choose my clothes, what would I wear at our next outing/evening/appointment?

I answer immediately, and without hesitation, in life-size Pikachu!

7/ What’s the most embarrassing/embarrassing thing you’ve ever experienced? (fun questions to ask your partner)


Let go of a wind in the elevator in the presence of my boss…

8/ In one sentence, your impression of me the first time we met?

Your socks were mismatched… Too cracking.

9/ Would you be ready to dance in a ballet with me?


As long as you can do the famous Dirty Dancing movement!

10/ Do you have a fear/phobia of something completely irrational or ridiculous? (fun questions to ask your partner)

Like many people, clowns. They are creatures of the devil who came straight from the underworld to devour our souls.

11/ If you could make yourself invisible for a day, with whom will you spend it, and what will you do?


Great power implies great responsibilities… The rest is strictly confidential.

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