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Sex Myths

We’ve all heard facts about sex that seemed wacky, and that’s because they are!  

We unravel the true from the false.

Here are 15 myths about sex that you should stop believing immediately:

1. We can get stuck if we have sex in a spa  


The truth is that water can make the natural lubrication of the vagina disappear, which can make the experience a little more difficult, but not from there to get stuck!

In addition, remember that water is NOT a means of contraception and you can still get pregnant.

2. Making love is embarrassing  (Sex Myths)

No! Making love is a pleasant act between two consenting people. It is not something to be ashamed of and one should never judge someone who is sexually active.


3. Contraceptives protect from everything  

Unfortunately, no. When it comes to sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are the most effective way, but they are not all-tested. Some diseases can be transmitted orally, or through an open wound.

For pregnancy, there are methods with or without hormones, but nothing is without any risk. This does not mean that you have to panic, when you get tested and protect yourself, everything will be fine!

4. Foreplay doesn’t really count  (Sex Myths)


In sex, it’s not just penetration that matters. For many, foreplay is just as important, even a full-fledged sexual act! For many couples, penetration is not necessarily possible, or something pleasant and their sex life is just as satisfying.

In all cases, you should contact your partner to determine what he or she likes.

5.C’s like in movies  

No. It’s never so fast for both people to have an orgasm (and often not at the same time!), and it’s not as beautiful and romantic! In fact, it depends for everyone and for every opportunity.


Speaking of movies, the same is true for movies: you are reminded that they are usually unrealistic bodies and exaggerated reactions.

6. Men are more sexual than women  (Sex Myths)

It all depends on the individuals, not your gender. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you’re obsessed with sex, and women don’t have to be prudish.

These are stereotypes and, again, it depends for everyone.


7. Sometimes no means yes 

We see this scene often in movies: a woman refuses the advances of a man, but when he insists, she is suddenly seized with a deep desire.

false! Before kissing or touching a person, we always ask if it is correct.

If the person says “yes”, go! If the person says “no”, “I am not sure” or if the person does not say anything, we stop immediately.


8. One can get pregnant even if there is no penetration  

Pregnancy happens when there is penetration, more precisely, when there is ejaculation in the vagina, or near the vulva. Even if the man does not ejaculate in the vagina, there may be sperm in the pre-ejaculatory fluid and therefore, there may be pregnancy.

But you can’t get pregnant if there’s sperm on the bowl or in the pool water, and also if you’re doing oral sex… OK?

9. Women are “vaginal” or “clitoral”  


In fact, few women can reach orgasm simply through penetration: between 25% and 40%. The focal point of female pleasure is the clitoris, but it is bigger than the small ball that can be seen! It also has nerve endings in the vagina, much like the shape of a tuning fork.

In any case, stimulating the clitoris during penetration facilitates orgasm!

10. It is absolutely necessary to have an orgasm  (Sex Myths)

Many have the impression that if one of the two partners does not reach orgasm, sex is missed. In fact, the act can be very pleasant even if there is no orgasm at the end!


On the other hand, if you want to reach orgasm, but are unable to do so, it can mean several things. Talk to your partner and, if necessary, to a healthcare professional.

11. Virginity is important or has value  

We often get our ears broken with the importance of when and how we should lose our virginity, especially if we are a girl. It depends for everyone, for some it is a more important event than for others.

But the truth is that the first time simply has to be with someone you are comfortable with. Don’t put pressure on yourself, it will probably suck a little bit… Oh and, last reminder, a girl who is not a virgin is as desirable as one who is.


12. Women don’t masturbate 
 (Sex Myths)

Spoiler alert: yes they do! In addition, masturbation is very important to discover what you like.

In this way, we can communicate with our partner and make the experience even more enjoyable!

13. The vagina can become lousse if you make “too much” love  


Or if the penis is too big, or after childbirth… That is simply not true! The vagina is made up of elastic muscles, much like our mouth!

We can open our mouth 1000 times and stretch the corners, it will always return to its original shape. The same goes for the vagina.

14. Too masturbating removes the urge to have sex  

On the contrary! Masturbation increases sexual desire, as well as lubrication in women and erectile functions in men.


On the other hand, if it becomes an obsession, that is where it can cause a problem. But when it is practiced in a moderate way (for example, once a day), it can help our mood, sleep, relaxation and sex life!

15. Penis size is important  (Sex Myths)

Probably because of pornography, the perception of the importance of the penis is often disproportionate. The majority of heterosexual women will tell you that it’s not really important, and that too big doesn’t mean better!

In addition, we remember that the stimulation of the clitoris is essential for orgasm: it is often with the mouth, fingers or a toy that it is stimulated.



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