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Ways to Massage Breasts For Nursing Mothers

Massaging the breasts apparently has many benefits, especially for breast health. Not only maintaining health but massaging the breasts can also make the breasts look tighter so that they look better.

During this time maybe massaging the breasts is mostly done in the salon but now you can do it yourself. The way is actually not too difficult for example as follows.

1. Select the Breast Part to massage

Ways to Massage Breasts For Nursing Mothers

The first step that must be done when you want to do a breast massage is to choose the part of the breast that will be massaged first. Because massage must start in one part of the breast only either right or left.

The massage process should be done using both hands and can be started with massage in the opposite direction. If the first massage is done with a clockwise movement then then then do the movement in the opposite direction.


2. Breast Outer Ring Massage

breast massage

The next massage is to do massage right on the outer circumference of your breast. Do this massage slowly and in a relaxed condition so that later the breasts will not hurt.

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The movement of massage in the outer circumference is twisted as is the case with the movement at the initial massage. Massage can also be done with movement in the opposite direction so that the breasts are healthier.

3. Use Your Hands as a Buffer

using hand

When massaging you should use your hands as a breast support. The trick is to use one part of the hand as a breast support so that later massage movements can be more free.

While one part of the hand becomes a breast brace, of course, the other part of the hand can be used to perform the massage process. The massage process can be done using three fingers and the movement rotates.

4. Repeat The Massaging Movement in the Opposite Direction

Ways to Massage Breasts For Nursing Mothers

The use of three fingers to perform the breast massage process should be done several times. Massaging movements should also be done repeatedly so that blood circulation in the breast is smoother.

The movement is done the same as at the beginning you massage the breast, which is a twisting motion in the opposite direction. Massage should be done slowly to avoid the risk of trauma to the breast.

5. Make a Move on a Different Side

Nursing Mothers

If you have massaged one part of the breast then now is the time for massage to be done on a different side. Of course, the massage process on different sides must be done with more or less the same stages as before.

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Massaging movements can start from turning in the opposite direction using both hands. Then continue by doing massage also on the outer circumference of the breast by twisting.

6. Massage Towards the Nipple

nipple massage

After doing the massage process on both sides of the breast alternately then you can shake the breast alternately. Shaking the breast can start from the right side first or vice versa from the left side first.

After shaking the breast now you can do breast massage from the outer circumference towards the putting, do this movement several times slowly. Massage movements from the outer circumference of the breast towards the nipple provide the benefit of making the shape of the breast appear more advanced so that the appearance of the breast becomes better.

7. Shake Breasts with Both Hands


The movement of shaking the breast can begin by placing both hands on both breasts to form like a buffer. Then shake the breast from the top towards the bottom.

Do it slowly to help relax the muscles and mammary glands in the breast area.

8. Repeat Breast Shaking Movement


Massage towards putting that is done alternately on each side of the breast can end with a movement to shake the breast. The movement of shaking the breast can be done as before, namely from the top to the bottom.

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Shaking the breasts should still be done slowly so that the breasts will not hurt. Thus, the condition of the breast will also not experience trauma.

9. Do Massage with Both Hands


After doing the various ways above, it is time for you to do the last breast massage process. This last massage is done by placing both hands on the breast and then doing a twisting motion following the shape of the breast.

This massage movement is done inwards and through the middle and then downwards and then to the outer side. Massage using both hands should also be done in opposite directions in every two rounds as much as 10 times.





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