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3C Gaming announces new VP of Operations and redirection
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A 3C Gaming, gaming partner focused on creating, connecting and collaborating with talents and brands, announced the arrival of Renato Paiva, new Vice President of Operations. With an international resume and renowned experience in structuring large-scale projects, the businessman is a key player in the new phase of 3C Gaming's entire operations, to promote its growth inside and outside Brazil.

The company's main goal is to adapt to the current market reality, which seeks more efficiency in services. In this sense, the business concept was expanded and the 3C brand repositioned itself with the aim of delivering an additional layer of strategy to its service portfolio and expanding the scope of its entire operation. With years of experience in the advertising and entertainment market, Paiva understands that he has an excellent team on his hands to increase 3C's scope of action internationally.

“3C Gaming is redirecting itself towards the company’s growth, which will become an even stronger name in the industry. We have a team that has a much greater capacity to act in the gaming environment and we will reach this potential that is already here. We are changing because we understand that the market has a space that we are qualified to occupy and I will help in this redirection of the brand”commented Renato Paiva.

3C Gaming's redirection takes place at a time when Brazil has become an important part of the international games and esports market. However, many brands and publishers still find it difficult to position themselves with the country's public. In this way, 3C is already at the forefront, as it is a specialist in this subject, and further reinforces its expertise with the hiring of Renato Paiva.


The new vice-president has experience with recognized Advertising and Entertainment companies such as Publicis, FOX, Havas and the Webedia group, with emphasis on having been responsible for implementing IGN in Brazil and Webedia in Portugal. Thus, Renan Philip, CEO of 3C Gaming, and Allan Fernandes, CBO of 3C Gaming, see Renato's arrival as fundamental to boosting the company's growth in the market.

The hiring of Renato Paiva is the first in a series of changes planned by 3C Gaming that will further reinforce and consolidate the company's notoriety within the industry. With the new leadership, 3C Gaming places itself as a protagonist in a market in which it already operates with a top-notch operational team, as well as having a privileged list of assets. Companies and names such as Nobru, Cerol, Kr3w, Surprise and others are part of the 3C group and now have an extra layer of strategy in their direction.

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3C Gaming announces new VP of Operations and redirection

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3C Gaming announces new VP of Operations and redirection


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