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ways to reconcile after an argument

As a couple, sharing a deep connection with the one you love is something really amazing… Until it’s not anymore! Because yes, a couple without arguments, it does not exist! And yet, how sometimes we would like to be able to get along well permanently and simply enjoy life together! To help you, Afrilatest gives you 5 ways to reconcile after an argument:

1/ Let yourself be blown away

Go to a room, or any other place where you can sit quietly alone, think, and calm down. After a short period of reflection, arguments seem to us much more often futile, less hurtful and less serious! Sometimes we don’t even remember the origin of the dispute!

Let things calm down a little before talking about it again, otherwise you may find yourself engaged on a second argument, which is not close to solving your case! (ways to reconcile after an argument)


2/ Talk about it, apologize

Once the argument is over, after each of you has calmed down, come back and chat calmly. Take stock of your dispute, do not try at all costs to win the dispute, there is never a winner or a loser, but a couple who must learn to move forward.

Feeling in love on vacation - Romantic moment

You are on the same team after all! And above all, accept to apologize, and forgive the other, you both have your share of responsibility.

3/ Cuddle (ways to reconcile after an argument)

Once the argument is over, it’s always great to show that you’re going beyond that and forgiving your sweetheart by showing affection.

A little hug, a small gesture like grabbing his hand, sitting next to him/her, kissing him tenderly… Human contact can be a real balm for the heart, body and mind.


4/ Remind him that you love him

An argument can leave us all vulnerable, damage our self-confidence… So remind your darling why you love him, and how much stronger this love is than your little differences! Remove all your ugly doubts by reminding each other of your affection, your dedication to each other, and the reasons that led you to fall madly in love with each other.

ways to reconcile after an argument

5/ Do an activity together (ways to reconcile after an argument)

If you are able to do it: snuggle up to the other and watch TV, or go for a walk hand in hand, or go together to do your favorite sport (whatever it is… ;)) Show yourself that you are still best friends, and that life goes on despite everything. Because arguments are an integral part of your life as a couple!

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