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signs that prove that you are not ready to live together

You both get along well and have a good time. But this is not always enough to take the step of living together, to live together. Quite a few couples quickly settle down together and then discover that they are not compatible on a daily basis, only unfortunately it is too late. 

Haste can sometimes lead to many conflicts, sometimes even to rupture. So maybe it’s better to wait a little while to move in and take the time to really get to know each other. To help you see more clearly, here are 7 signs that prove that you are not ready to live together.



7 signs that prove that you are not ready to live together

#1 You love your “everyone at home”

You are happy to see it, you always have very pleasant moments both. On weekends, improvised evenings, all this adds spice to your story and that’s how you feel good. In addition, when he leaves home, you are almost relieved. To you the sofa, the tracksuit pants or the pilou-pilou pajamas without makeup and the quiet evening to watch your favorite series with a bowl of chips. You realize that finally the moments just for you are precious and are too necessary for you. It is a sign that you are certainly good with him but that you like your independence and that you are not ready to live with him. At least not yet.

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#2 You don’t have the same lifestyle

Don’t you live at the same pace? It is rather layer-early / early risers and you it’s the other way around? Do you have certain eating habits and he a completely different “diet”? Do you like sport and not him or vice versa? Or you don’t like the same things on TV at all? These are many small things that may go unnoticed at first but that, on a daily basis, can create permanent disputes and conflicts.

In addition, when he comes to your house he allows himself some small reflections on your decoration or puts a little nose in your business and it annoys you prodigiously? Another sign that shows that, for now, your lifestyles are too opposite and that it is safer for you to get to know each other a little more and tame yourself rather than rushing to live together.

#3 Your last vacation was not idyllic (signs that prove that you are not ready to live together)

Holidays are always a good test before living together because we realize a little more about each other’s way of living. The test was inconclusive for you? You left together some time ago and your holiday, which was supposed to be romantic, did not go as planned? You did not have the same desires at all, one wanted the campsite and the other the comfortable hotel, one wanted to visit when the other wanted to laz around at the water’s edge. In short, you were not really on the same wavelength and you could not agree. So if a week spent together without everyday life and routine goes wrong, imagine when you will really live together? That may not be a good idea at the moment.


#4 You don’t make concessions

When he comes to your house, you find that he has a hard time with him using or modifying something. It’s your apartment, your belongings, your fridge, etc… You are quickly annoyed if he behaves a little like at home and allows himself a few small remarks in the passage of the style “Your table would have been better here, right?” “You leave the light on for a long time, pay attention to the bill!” “I would have put this framework here. ». All this bristles your hair and irritates you very quickly. Look no further, you are not ready to live with him right away.

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3 other signs that prove that you are not ready to live together.

#5 You are a fusion couple

When you’re together, you’re really glued to each other, you don’t get out of your eyes, even when you’re with your friends. The latter also thinking that you are true Siamese. This is good news that shows that you love yourself and that you are building a beautiful story.

But be careful because in the long run it can become problematic if you decide to live together. You will no longer have privacy or a secret garden if you are too fusional. Wait until the fusional passion goes down a little and each of you gains independence because by deciding to live together too quickly you will deprive yourself of your freedom and it can harm your relationship in the long term.

#6 “Living together” makes you think of “savings”

Having a dependent apartment can sometimes be heavy to carry on a daily basis, especially with a single salary. Rent, water and electricity bills as well as groceries… Your budget is put to the test at the end of each month! So you tell yourself that the two of them will be easier and that it will allow you to breathe a little financially. 


Except that this should not be your main motivation. You are supposed to live with the one you love, not see him as a roommate. Living together is much more than dividing the monthly charges. So when you think about living together, if the first reason that comes to mind is this, know that you are not ready to live together.

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#7 You’re afraid of routine: Another sign that proves you’re not ready to live together

Living together does not necessarily mean boredom. But you still have to be aware that when you live together, habits and a certain routine are put in place, it is logical and normal. You share a rhythm of work, daily tasks and this is also what makes the balance of a couple. But today, when you see yourself, it’s always with lots of surprises and improvisation. 

You like this lack that is created because the reunion is even better. Every time it’s different and that’s how you like your story at the moment. You do not yet feel ready to share the daily life and therefore the routine that will result from it. So you are not yet ready to live together, so take your time there is no hurry if you are happy like that at the moment.

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