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signs of disrespect in the couple

Disrespect is something that can happen to all of us from a simply clumsy or downright malicious person in our daily lives. At work, with family, with friends or even on the street in front of a stranger. Unfortunately, you cannot control everything in your interactions with others. But we must not tolerate it, let alone from one of the most important people in our lives. How to identify them? Here are 8 signs of disrespect in the couple.


Indeed, when this happens within our couple, this lack of respect hits us hard.

Of course, a life together is not just made up of I love you” and hugs. Everyday life punctuated by stress and fatigue can all lead us to say words that go beyond our thinking. This can create tensions that can unfortunately degenerate, but there are words and behaviors that are unacceptable. The most important thing is to know where the tolerable daily tensions end and where the lack of respect begins.


8 signs of disrespect in the couple

#1 Your partner does not support you

Support is a key point in a relationship, it is very important for the balance of the couple and it is a proof of respect. When you don’t have support from your partner in difficult times, when he refuses to give us the comfort we need, it’s a lack of respect. When we love a person we are there for him at every moment, we support him.

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#2 Your partner is not listening to you

When you talk to him, what is his reaction? Is he listening to you? Does he give his opinion and try to advise you? Or is he just waiting for the conversation to end in order to do something else or talk about himself? Worse, he remains taped on his phone or television? If this is the case it is a sign that he does not respect you. Because when we love a person we listen to him and we are interested in him.

#3 Your partner thinks only of him (signs of disrespect in the couple)

Your partner does not pay attention to your desires and is content to tell you what he needs and wants. Indeed, when you talk about your own desires, you have the impression that it does not concern him and that he does not care. So there is no question of not listening to his desires but there you arrive squarely in second position each time and your needs are totally superfluous for him. He does not pay any attention to you and to what concerns you and he is sorely lacking in consideration for you. It is also a sign of disrespect towards you.

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#4 Your partner wants to do everything in their own way

Compromise is an indispensable element for any type of relationship, especially for romantic relationships. Without compromise, your couple cannot be balanced. If your partner refuses to compromise and wants to do everything as he sees fit, it also shows a lack of respect. Communication in the couple is the most important element but the compromises are just as important. Not wanting to make concessions and deciding alone how to live together is disrespectful and very selfish behavior.


Four other signs of disrespect in the couple

#5 Your partner does not respect those around you

Your friends and family are the most important thing for you, along with your partner. So if your partner disrespects them it amounts to a lack of respect for you as well. Criticising them, belittling them, judging them, mocking them and refusing to see them are all unacceptable behavior. He must respect those around you because by building a story with you, he accepts your life and the people who are part of it.

#6 Your partner criticizes you (signs of disrespect in the couple)

You get the impression that nothing is ever good enough for him, no matter what the situation. He points the finger at the very thing you do. He constantly points out your flaws and mistakes, even without it being justified. This is not a situation that must occur in a healthy and respectful relationship. It is quite normal in a couple to point out a behavior that we do not appreciate and that can hurt us but it must be done by wanting an improvement and not to demean the other.

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#7 Your partner only thinks about intimate relationships

Intimate relationships are an important part of the relationship, but not everything should revolve around it. Moreover, it must be a common desire and desire. If you feel that this is the only thing that interests your partner and that he is more attentive to his desires than to yours, that he is selfish, not attentive, it is an obvious lack of respect. Even more so if he allows himself to turn, to sulk if you refuse a hug or worse obviously, to force your hand to satisfy his impulses. No it’s no, even within his couple, it is called mutual consent!

#8 Your partner is aggressive (signs of disrespect in the couple)

Your partner is aggressive with you at every opportunity. You have this feeling that with every sentence he is mean to you. This is not a normal attitude. It is of course possible to argue in a couple and say words that can sometimes exceed our thoughts. Indeed some people have a strong character and therefore get carried away quickly, but this must remain exceptional. Everyone has the right to respect and consideration for the other so if your partner behaves like this very often with you it shows a significant lack of respect.


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