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things men expect from women
There are certain things that men expect from a woman, without them telling them clearly! That’s how we men often tend to have a hard time clearly communicating our expectations and needs.. And yet god knows how much simpler life would be otherwise! And since you can’t necessarily guess everything, here are 10 things that men expect from women without telling them:

1/ Respect (things men expect from women)

Respect which, needless to say, must be mutual! Being the woman of their life does not mean that you can trample it at your feet and dispose of it as you see fit! Show that you recognize and respect their ideas, actions, feelings. By your words and actions, tell him that in your eyes, he matters enormously.

Inferiority complex: wanting to change the other

2/ Admiration

Going hand in hand with respect, admiration is something that men adore. But beware! For this to “work”, it must be sincere… Because it is not difficult to detect a flattery or a hypocritical compliment! Compliment him on something you really enjoy about him, he will be really delighted to hear it!

3/ Support (things men expect from women)

We all need support in life, from friends, family, lovers… Men are no exception to the rule! Does your man want to get back into sports? Is he about to have a delicate interview? Show him that he is capable of it, that you are with him no matter what. If something matters to him, he will appreciate that it matters just as much to you.

4/ Encouragement (things men expect from women)
A specific form of support that men all appreciate: encouragement! Men like to know that you believe in them. With the help of your encouragement, they will start lifting mountains! And they will gladly reciprocate!

5/ Let them breathe

Just like women, men love to have independence, their freedom. This obviously does not mean that they constantly want to be left alone in their corners. But they love having time for themselves and fending for themselves! So do not hesitate to let him go out with his friends, or to let him walk alone, he will be your guarantor!

What does the expression I love you also mean in love?

6/ Recognition (things men expect from women)

The man, like the woman, will have throughout his life to play many different roles: the son, the brother, the friend the man, the husband, the father … And under certain circumstances, he may tend to feel left out. I think especially during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first months that follow. So don’t hesitate to take some time to tell your man what a good son/brother/friend/man/husband/father he is!

7/ That you are at his side

Because taking time for yourself is good, but spending time with a woman you love is better! So don’t be afraid to find ways to spend time with him, he will enjoy it very much! (things men expect from women)


8/ Being desired

Even if you think you’re sure he knows you want it, show him !!! Because men also like to feel wanted, otherwise, their self-confidence decreases rapidly… So don’t be afraid to flirt. Or just tell her how lucky you are to have her on a daily basis!


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1 Comment

  1. Juliana Oti

    October 24, 2021 at 2:10 am

    These are very true.thanks for the education

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