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Taurus Are Golden Partners

It’s the taurus season from April 20 to May 20 so they deserve to have an entire item in store for them! Otherwise you can also look at our article on the character of Aquarius or on the character of Pisces

1/ Taurus are looking for serious relationships

Foraging from flower to flower? Very little for Taurus! Indeed, one-night stands are clearly not the ideal of Taurus. What are they looking for? A serious, stable and lasting relationship. A bit romantic, Taurus will tend to look for the rare pearl that will complete them. Be careful, as a result, they can also tend to be somewhat possessive and jealous.

2/ Taurus are sensual! (Taurus Are Golden Partners)

Taurus are passionate and passionate lovers. With them, you are not likely to run out of tender hugs and more sporty hugs under the duvet!


Sensuality is really a trait that perfectly defines Taurus! They like caresses on the arms, stomach, back as well as massages! Give all the affection you can to those natives who are particularly fond of physical touch.

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3/ Taurus are very sensitive

Under their shell, Taurus are extremely sensitive beings! Not the type to complain or spread their grief in public, their little heart is often stirred.

Taurus are very sensitive to criticism, whether on their personality or their appearance so, be careful not to hurt them unintentionally!

4/ Taurus are faithful (Taurus Are Golden Partners)

Taurus will tend to be faithful in their relationships, whether they are in love or friendly! They are often afraid of being abandoned and can therefore be jealous as we saw in the second point.


When Taurus enters into a relationship, it’s not for laughs! They give 300% and see the long term! Small downside, the Taurus suddenly take a lot of time before finding their rare pearl!

5/ Taurus are very generous and creative

When they love, Taurus don’t count! If they make a point of honor at the level of reciprocity of behaviors in their relationships, they like to give, even more than to receive! (Taurus Are Golden Partners)

These great creatives will not hesitate to apply their talent to offer very personalized gifts to their partner: letter, music, painting… In short, Taurus go to great hard to cherish their half!

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