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Adele restored contact with father shortly before his death

Adele has not had any contact with her father for years. The singer told Oprah Winfrey on Sunday that she came back to talk to him just before his death.

In conversation with the presenter, Adele said that her father actually did not play any role in her life when she was a child. “I had zero expectations of people, because I had taught myself that through my father. (Adele restored contact with father shortly before his death)

He was the reason I couldn’t give myself completely to someone.”


The last three years of his life, the 33-year-old singer got back in touch with him, when it turned out that he was very ill. Adele then discovered that her father barely knew her music; he had only heard Hometown Glory, her very first single. “He had never set up anything else of mine. He thought it was too painful.”

Adele restored contact with father shortly before his death

Adele restored contact with father shortly before his death

The singer liked it when he heard something from her and that is why she played her new song To Be Loved for him. The song is about his absence and what that did to her.

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“It was fantastic, for me and for him. I think he could handle it because I sang it and didn’t say it. In that we look alike,” says the singer.

Adele restored contact with father

Via Zoom she has been able to play her entire last album, 30 (which will be released on November 19), for him. “His favorites were also my favorites, that was so special. He was proud of what I did. It healed our bond and when he passed away (in April, ed.), it felt like that open wound finally disappeared.”



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