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After how long to give a love nickname?



After how long to give a love nickname

After how long to give a love nickname?

Have you been with your darling for a month or a year? And you wonder after how long to give a love nickname? We give you the answer in this article!


Why do we give a love nickname?

Giving an emotional nickname to the person who shares our life is far from trivial. All psychologists agree that this is a mark of belonging. We give a nickname to mark our territory.


Besides, you will notice that couples who use love nicknames, often put the possessive pronoun “my” or “my” in front. It means (unconsciously obviously): This one is mine.

What love nickname?

In my article: What your love nickname says about your couple you will find all the nicknames and what connotation they have.

My love, my darling, my angel, my flea, darling, Bibou, Pignou, Nouni, Tano… There can be as many nicknames as couples even if the basics come up very often!

Nicknames often reflect our time, our age or even our social environment.


Small aside: the nicknames of famous people (After how long to give a love nickname?)

Apollinaire called Lou “My North Star.”

Jean-Paul Sartre nicknamed Simone de Beauvoir “Mon Castor”.

( Donald Trump and Melania Trump: “My Rock”) Ah yes…

Six out of ten French people give their partner a nickname.


Talking like a baby?

It often happens, when we call our half by his little nickname, to take a baby’s voice. Don’t worry! That’s the way it goes.

Indeed, speaking while taking a baby’s voice releases dopamine, oxytocin and phenylethylamine. Hormones of happiness, connection to the other or love at first sight.

But after how long to give a love nickname?

After a month, a year? After the first kiss? After the first night of love? Hard to know after how long you can call your lover with a small nickname. Especially if he doesn’t show you anything and he keeps calling you by your first name.

At the risk of disappointing you, I am not going to give you an exact date but rather, several tips.


1/ Do not deseroticize the relationship too quickly

Almost any nickname has the gift of des-eroticizing the relationship. My doe, my heart, my baby, it’s tender, it’s affectionate, cute. But not sexy for a cent!

So, when your relationship begins,(you can consider the beginnings between a month and a year depending on your relationship), avoid nicknames.

2/ Start with a diminutive

If you are afraid of his reaction by calling him “my cabbage” “my love” “my darling” (…), start by calling him by his diminutive. For example, Alex for Alexander.

3/ Don’t ask yourself a thousand questions (After how long to give a love nickname?)

Let me take my personal example. I wasn’t a nickname at all! But then not AT ALL! And then one day, while we were on the subway, I said, “Cabbage.” Like this. It came out all at once. I was ashamed! He, asked me to repeat, I pretended not to understand. Then he told me “I love it’s too cute”.


I didn’t force myself afterwards. But when I felt like it, or when it came out on its own, my darling became “Cabbage”. (Today we have dozens of nicknames, all more sines

4/ Let things happen naturally

If you feel like giving it a little nickname, then do it. Again, not too early in the relationship (just not to scare him away).

But when, for you, you are indeed in a relationship, that it is serious. So let go! He loves you above all when you are yourself!

than each other).


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