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It’s so easy to fall in love. On the other hand, staying in a couple, committing and above all, making your couple last in the fulfillment, is not given to everyone! Staying in love. That’s the challenge! And today, I’m going to tell you a little secret: all couples who last have this same thing in common that I’m going to reveal to you!

Falling in love is easy! (couples)

And yes, falling in love is pretty simple. What for? Simply because most people think they are in love without really being in love. This feeling of being comes from a chemical, neurological and subconscious reaction. The attraction is based on different DNA and we perceive it through visual clues, smells… Then, people write around this encounter and this attraction, a deep and mystical narrative that makes this experience completely magical. All the stars are aligned, we only see the common points, each coincidence comes to explain the attraction. This is how the human brain gives meaning to the physical experience it experiences.



But what the brain does not know how to take into account is the following question: if I had to completely remove the carnal side of this relationship, would this person still be THE person with whom I want to be?

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And therein lies the secret of love that lasts:

Friendship! And yes, couples who last and love each other for life, happy and stable couples are as much best friends as lovers. If your guy is also your best friend (and vice versa) then you have won everything!

It’s extremely important to be aware of this because, ultimately, the carnal aspect of your relationship is only a tiny percentage of the time you spend together.

And if the physical attraction and the desire for the other are important, they are not enough to make his couple last!

Your life partner is the person with whom you will share a meal every night, the one with whom you will do your shopping, the one who will be there to comfort you in difficult times, the one who will pull you up and encourage you in moments of doubt.


This person must be your best friend (couples)

The one you call before everyone else, the one you trust the most, the one whose presence is essential to you.

Because once the butterflies in the belly and the stars in the eyes of the phase of seduction and attraction is over, you will only be left with the reality of your relationship and that is when many couples separate. In the opposition phase of the couple, where one begins to discern the defects of the other.

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The most reliable test of the strength of a relationship is to see how it is doing when the carnal aspect is no longer part of it.

Because in life, there will be certain days, even certain weeks or even months, when you will not have the time / the desire to feed the intimacy of your couple. Maybe because you’re traveling, maybe because you’ve had a baby, maybe because you’re too busy with work… And so, you don’t have time for romanticism.

And that’s ok, that’s life too! (couples)

And if you want to be with someone you know by heart and who you can rely on even when you’re going through complicated times, if you want to be in a relationship that lasts, you need to make sure that this person is your best friend.


It’s important to be sure that you’re not committing your life to someone you can’t totally tolerate. Indeed, if you are well with him/her only during moments of passion and romanticism, it is because there is a concern! Because to love is not only to live the fusion and laugh all the time, it is also to be there, with the other, and to feel good fair by his presence.

Perfect love does not exist, but true love does!

When your partner is your best friend, everything is simpler

The relationship is easier, lighter, less confrontational. You are then happy together, even if you are no longer in the spirit of the beginnings. You know the difference between loving and being in love. You are not tossed around by your emotions, your doubts, the “timing” or any other excuse that people find themselves…

To be in a relationship with your best friend is to have the assurance that love lasts and not just the state of love.

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