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Am I too jealous?

Aaah jealousy! It is part of everyone’s daily lot! It can be healthy and beneficial, but to excess, it can endanger a couple. So, are you little, just enough, or too jealous? To find out, take this test: Am I too jealous?

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1- His phone hangs out on the couch while he is in the bathroom, he receives a text message from “Julie”

  • a) What can it do to me?
  • b) You wait impatiently for him to go out so that you can interrogate him properly
  • c) You rush to his phone, read the SMS, then delete it so that he does not notice, then you make him the trunk the rest of the day without him knowing why.

2- You are in the evening each on your own, it is 1am, and you have not received any news from him (Am I too jealous)

  • a) He must have a good time, and that’s good because me too!
  • b) You decide to send him a small innocuous SMS in order to hear from him.
  • c) It is now 5 SMS and 3 calls, it still does not answer, you are on the verge of apoplexy.

3- You watch a movie together, your darling compliments the main actress:

  • a) He is right, she plays well and in addition she has a real charm on the screen! (Am I too jealous)
  • b) Mouais, she is spread with makeup, and she passes more for a real jug than anything else… On the other hand, the main actor does not lack charm …
  • c) It does not look like you at all! You draw the conclusion that you are not to your man’s taste, and decide never to watch movies with this actress again
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4- Your darling’s ex calls her, her grandmother has died, she is looking for comfort

  • a) They have lived a story together, it is natural that he comforts her.
  • b) You let him take care of her but can’t help but find it strange that she chose to contact him and not any other of her friends…
  • c) A pitiful attempt to lure him back into his nets! No way it will go further than a polite SMS of condolences!

5- Your darling tells you about one of his colleagues at work with whom he gets along well and who is funny (Am I too jealous)

  • a) Frankly it’s nice, it’s important to feel good at work and to be in a good atmosphere
  • b) Uh, she’s funny ok, but she’s like “funny tuna” or “funny canon”? Because it’s not the same thing anyway
  • c) Ok it’s good I understood, well since you seem to get along so well with her, you should even go see her outside of work since she makes you laugh!

6- You surprise your darling in front of a movie -18…

  • a) They all do it anyway! There’s nothing wrong with that, no need to say anything. Or I join him…
  • b) You are both uncomfortable, shocked and disappointed, you decide to talk about it with him.
  • c) It’s the equivalent of being deceived, you yell at him, or go cry in your corner, he will pay you.
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7- Your darling forgot to close his Facebook session

  • a) It’s his private life, I disconnect him immediately in order to go on my session.
  • b) You quickly take a quick look like this and then close its session.
  • c) Yes! You take the opportunity to stalker thoroughly, you watch all his conversations, review all his friends, his photos, his shares … An opportunity like this doesn’t happen every day!

Count the number of a), b), and c):

If you have more than a) you are: little (not enough?) jealous

For you, jealousy is a rather childish and immature feeling. You have full confidence in yourself, in your darling, and therefore in your relationship. You can boast that you are not on your darling’s back at all, and that you give him the freedom he needs.

Be careful, two cases in this case: either you have all the reasons to be like this, because your couple is mature and solid, and it’s fantastic continue like this! Either you close your eyes naively and risk falling from the top one day and passing for the turkey of the stuffing.

But anyway, do not hesitate to be a little jealous from time to time, that your darling does not take things for granted and feels a little desired.


If you have more than b) you are: jealous intermittently

You are jealous just what it takes to show your attachment to your darling. So you like to play it occasionally, but otherwise, you are not permanently on his back! In fact, you like to add a little spice to your relationship by doing occasional scenes, but beyond that, you know that all this is just a game, the game of a renewed seduction within the couple!

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If you have more c) you are: very (too!) jealous

Be careful, you are playing with fire… Too often you let yourself be invaded by this destructive feeling so uncontrolled! You make movies all the time, and are always on the lookout for the slightest warning sign, however ridiculous it may be.

Try to discern the cause of this excessive jealousy, otherwise you risk locking your darling in a self-fulfilling prophecy… Is it because of a lack of self-confidence?

A lack of trust in men in general? Because of a previous painful experience? A fear of poorly managed abandonment? An excess of possessiveness? Discuss it with your darling, because otherwise, your relationship may suffer in the long term! It is never pleasant to live with a real dragon!! You can also read our article to get rid of excessive jealousy.


Then? Verdict??


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