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Are you happy as a couple?

Are you happy as a couple? Merci Alfred has set up an algorithm to test love and routine on a daily basis within your couple in a fun and playful way! Take this fun test of Merci Alfred to find out! You can then compare your results with the other participants! Then, don’t forget to take a look at the bottom of our article for all the possible results!

Are you happy as a couple? Let’s go for the test!

Click on the image to be able to do the test  You will come back to tell us what your result was

Depending on where you put the mouse, the little guy’s arm rises! A great little animation! You will have several questions of this type, very well done in terms of design! This test is very pleasant to do and is based on real facts that say a lot about the couple’s 


Compare your results with other participants (Are you happy as a couple)

Once you finish your test, you will be able to compare your results with those of other 

We took this example to show you what it looked like… Frankly we are disappointed, we thought that there were more people who left the door of the toilet open :p But we must be a little strange right?

How to manage a couple's argument?

Possible outcomes

You will then have your result: from the fictitious couple to the indestructible couple, what was yours?  We, “Concrete

Are you happy as a couple


You are the superheroes of love! <3 Nothing resists you and everything you touch turns into magic and laughter! <3 What if you helped the people around you find great love? What if you helped your friends smile and laugh today? <3 Your love, unique and inspiring can make many little hearts want to propel themselves forward!


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