Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism for not being with his daughter in the hospital

Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism

Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism – Maíra Cardi spent the early hours of this Tuesday, the 21st, at the hospital with her daughter, Sofia four years old, the result of her marriage to the actor and singer Arthur Aguiar. The girl felt sick with a fever and vomiting.

Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism

She released videos on her instagram account with little Sofia and her current boyfriend, Thiago NigroO “Cousin Rich“, who was beside the two the whole time. In one of her stories, she disclosed: “Now I know there are two more to come. Early morning in the hospital, puke all over the car! Welcome to Mom’s Day and in a little while it works. Thiago Nigro, I love you”.

Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism

Photo: Influencer Maira Cardi at the hospital with her daughter and boyfriend Tiago Nigro (Reproduction/Instagram/@mairacardi)

In front of the influencer’s publications, Sofia’s father, Arthur Aguiar, was bombarded with messages on his networks. The actor didn’t leave it cheap and soon posted a story asking “The internet is crazy. A lot of people saying a lot of things they don’t know. I’m getting a lot of messages here from people saying: ‘Are you really happy? Your daughter is in the hospital’. To be able to stay with my daughter in the hospital I have to know that she is in the hospital” said Arthur.

Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism

Capture of one of Arthur Aguiar’s Stories. Playback/Instagram/@arthurarguiar

and he continues “For those of you who are judging me, the tip of the day is: don’t judge and don’t say what you don’t know. Spend your time minding your own business”

Some of the singer’s followers came to his defense “Look @mayracardi Sophia has a father and his name is ARTHUR AGUIAR. Stop being SONSA and when Sophia goes to the hospital, she tells her FATHER, because she has one. Stop being a HYPOCRITE!!”

Maíra has not yet spoken about the case, her last disclosure was reporting that she was still in the hospital and that she would soon answer any questions she would receive.

The influencer and the actor broke up in October last year, apparently they get along well. Sofia is the only child of the former couple.

Featured photo: Maíra Cardi pins Arthu, on social networks talking about having children with Thiago Nigro (Reproduction/instagram)

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Arthur Aguiar responds to criticism

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