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Arthur J Knew About My Dating

Influencer Maíra Cardi (39) assumed her relationship with the owner of Grupo Primo (investment platform), Thiago Nigro (32) last Wednesday (01) and since then internet users have commented on the couple's possible infidelity, for both having recently broken up with their former spouses, Arthur Aguiar and Camila Ferreira, respectively.

Maíra ended her troubled relationship with the actor and ex-BBB, Arthur Aguiar, in October 2022, the two had many comings and goings and the influencer made recurring expositions during the 5 years of relationship about several betrayals by her husband, together they have a daughter, Sophia, 4 years old.


In the Instagram post Maíra wrote: “Many relationships begin with overwhelming passion, but for us, admiration was the starting point. We discovered similar values ​​and dreams, which made us have a very strong connection from the beginning.”

Photo: Maíra Cardi (Reproduction/Instagram).

This Thursday, Maíra posted a video in her stories commenting on her new relationship and the rumors of betrayal. She explained that her relationship with her followers has always been very transparent and that at this moment it would be no different, which is why she chose to give a satisfaction to all. The influencer said that her relationship with Thiago is very recent and that neither of them had the intention of publicizing the relationship at this time, mainly to respect time and not hurt other people, however, as they are both public figures, some people found out and the couple preferred to disclose it, especially because they were both single when they started having a relationship.

“We decided that leaving the narrative to gossip would be bad, after all we didn't owe anyone anything, we weren't doing anything wrong and we were both single”, said Maíra.

She also said that the first to know was her ex-husband and that neither Arthur nor Camila, Nigro's ex-wife, deserve any type of doubt or disrespectful comment on the matter. Maíra noted that whenever she used social media to share her frustrations and sadness, she received a lot of support from women, so now that she is happy, she hopes to receive the same treatment, she added that Arthur Aguiar recently announced a new relationship and that there was no questioning about possible betrayals.


“Now that I've mentioned that I'm in a relationship, they're starting to say 'wasn't I already a lover?' Because when it's a woman, it has to be a lover, doing something wrong, but when it's a man, everything is fine? Pay attention to what we're doing.” completed.

She ended by saying that she would never be able to start a relationship in that way, remembering Arthur's betrayals, and that what she wants most is to be with someone who wants to be with her, building a relationship based on truth and mutual admiration.

Featured Photo: Maíra Cardi (Reproduction/Instagram).


Arthur J Knew About My Dating

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