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Artificial Intelligence is the new trend in the beauty industry
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The search for beauty is a journey of constant evolution, this new journey in the field of beauty and dermatology is worthy of science fiction film scenarios, instantly changing women's skin. Artificial intelligence has enabled specific analysis with personalized queries and the aesthetics industry has adopted AI to acquire a trend that is very popular at the moment. In recent years, the emergence of new technologies has promised to revolutionize skin and hair care, which can serve as testimony to significant advances. Companies are now using artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze individual characteristics and recommend personalized products for each user, like Beauty Genius.

Being able to try different products virtually, without the need for specialized hardware, in addition to receiving which is ideal for each face and which care is specific, giving appropriate guidance, all in an interactive way. Standing in front of a mirror will become a thing of the past. They will now use digital platforms and devices integrated with artificial intelligence in skincare moments.

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The results of Artificial Intelligence with products also consist of Augmented Reality (AR). We already know that AI allows for personalization and advanced diagnosis, but AR also enables crucial performance in the strategy to solve consumers' problems, due to the growing variety of products that hit the market every week.


The focus is to improve the performance of daily care, and both AI and AR have enabled this advancement in improving traditional products, virtual makeup trials offer an innovative, reliable, and engaging approach. Raising industry standards, providing real positive outcome and a journey of care, true experience in helping the public understand their needs, improving and teaching the path to proper health and driving sales, strengthening the connection between brand and customers. consumers, allowing customers to make more assertive decisions.

First analysis

The four new journeys that understand consumption, provide experience, offer quality to their users and the approaches are transformative. Identifies 14 problems, the five main ones are: acne, wrinkles, shine, firmness and redness. Air Light Pro, is an LED light therapy device designed to improve the health and appearance of the skin by utilizing different colors of light to treat a variety of issues such as acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. Being a non-invasive approach, promising to provide professional results in the comfort of home.

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The range of varieties and options available assists in the consistent results previously desired by customers. The brand explains that the customer must be patient with the results they want to obtain, as AI plays a fundamental role, serving as a gateway to customer concerns.

These findings are important as they further confirm that technology will continue to transform the skincare industry for consumers, professional brands and clinicians to understand and accurately understand skin health. Being a crucial and essential element in health tracking and monitoring.


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American actress Jane Fonda in the film “Barbarella” (Photo: reproduction/Archive Photos/Getty Images Embed)


Many bets are being made on products that are no longer from the future, but from our everyday present. In the immediate frequency, as in the case of MySkinpack, a system that generates a personalized mask, the database analyzes and artificial intelligence creates a skin type-specific care routine.

Mink, a custom makeup 3D printer, offers an innovative approach to application. Their technology allows them to create and print products tailored to individual color, texture and formulation preferences. The ex: foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows.


Madicube Age R, a portable facial device to tone and firm facial skin. Releasing low intensity microcurrents that stimulate facial muscles and the production of collagen and elastin. Containing a compact and easy-to-handle design, promising professional results without the need to frequently visit beauty clinics.

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In hair, there is the Becon Scalp Scanner product, which analyzes the scalp and strands, looking for problems such as oiliness, dryness, dandruff and hair loss, providing accurate and detailed information to help and develop personalized hair care routines.

Myavana is a hair analysis platform that uses AI to make individual product and treatment recommendations.

Nimble, a device that combines AI and complex robotics, paints and dries nails without human help in 25 minutes. The high-resolution microcamera and three-dimensional images analyze the nails so that a small robotic arm, driven by AI, applies the products, while a fan dries layer by layer.



The Beauty Tech brand across various sectors has been a pioneer in the adoption of virtual technology, causing a revolution in the way we interact. The industry understood the need for consumption and addressed customer challenges such as: hygiene, waste and most importantly, the practice of daily care, in addition to trying to find a specific product for all body types. Virtual diagnostics expands the capabilities of professional-level experts, understands ingredients, personal preferences, air temperature and humidity.

Technology is a powerful ally for education and entertainment, merging and providing a unique experience for customers in skin care. They can be actively involved in their journey during treatment, tracking progress and results in a fun way. The adoption of this advanced technology has benefited consumers' relationship with health, strengthening the connection with brands, spas and professionals in the sector, allowing a more established and exclusive relationship with customers outside of clinics, increasing consumer confidence in purchasing decisions.

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As the character Barbarella already propagated: “Get ready for an adventure beyond your imagination”. Finally, as you can see, this trend towards professional beauty results without leaving home has become increasingly viable within the advancements. The new era of intelligent and personalized beauty allows creativity to come together to generate a unique experience for each person.

Featured photo: Mockup (Reproduction/Lalida Uchupuj/LinkedIn)


Artificial Intelligence is the new trend in the beauty industry

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Artificial Intelligence is the new trend in the beauty industry

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