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Australian Billionaire makes himself available to help Gaza
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Billionaire is making himself available to build the system StatesGateswhich would be placed in some strategic points in Gaza. The secure gate system, Safe Gates, would be located at secure points on the Israel-Gaza border. The Australian said that the intention is to allow 10 thousand tons of food to reach those in need, the innocent civilians in Gaza, every day.

Andrew Forrest, billionaire and philanthropist, was prepared to defend his proposal in front of the emergency summit and the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, in Gaza, later this Tuesday (12).

“Right now, all I want is to ease Jordan as it is bearing a significant burden in leading people to safety in Gaza,” declared Forrest, the billionaire, mining magnate and self-confessed environmentalist, in a video statement on his website.

Billionaire has every plan ready

Forrest is the founder of the philanthropic Minderoo Foundation, and he guarantees that his intention is to collaborate effectively in helping the victims in Gaza. In addition to making himself available to assist innocent civilians with the system plan SafeGatesAndrew Forrest offered $5 million to help with improvements to Jordan's humanitarian corridor, allowing for the construction of facilities to store aid destined for Gaza.


Andrew also stressed in his video report that if Israel authorizes its ambitious plan, the SafeGates it would be installed at three points along the Israel-Gaza border in just three weeks.

Embed from Getty Images

Billionaire Andrew Forrest at a conference in Munich, Germany (Reproduction/Getty Images Embed/Bloomberg)

Forrest guarantees that everything was communicated to both Israel and the innocent communities of Gaza

Israel commented on the billionaire's plan, declaring: “Our country will not need to spend anything, the plan continues to respect the limits of the red lines. From Gaza, we are committed to working as an existing support network for Palestinian agencies, businesses and community groups, those who are innocent and victims of the destruction.This aid is to complement efforts to deliver food, among other necessities, to innocent civilians in Palestine, who have been living amid the bombing of defenses by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), since the extremists, Hamas, launched a deadly attack on Israel last year.


A ceasefire is being discussed

It is true that hunger has increased, and international condemnation of Israel's actions in Gaza is growing and, on Monday (10), the United Nations Security Council approved a 'ceasefire' contingency plan that includes full support by the USA. However, Israel says it wants to continue its military operation in Gaza, as it does not make sense to make agreements and negotiations involving Hamas, as it is its opponents in this 'war'.

Featured photo: Israel-Gaza border (Reproduction/Getty Images Embed/Jack Guez)


Australian Billionaire makes himself available to help Gaza

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Australian Billionaire makes himself available to help Gaza

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