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Being in love isn’t just about having sex and sharing a good time



Being in love

Being in love

We often imagine love as a fairy tale, a rose-water novel or an American romantic comedy. We’ve been lulled into this since we were little: Disney princesses, Harlequin romance novels, happy end movies. Each time, the prince, the hero, super beautiful, kind, rich and strong comes to save us. A reinforcement of romanticism or passionate kisses. And we fall in love. And then love becomes synonymous with something wonderful, perfect, easy. But being in love is not just about making love and sharing a good time. It’s going far beyond that.


Being in love isn’t just about having sex and sharing a good time

Being in lo-ve today: love 2.0?

Today, we have the right to love stories 2.0 shared on social networks with filters and retouched photos, where said lovers spend their time posing and cuddling in their Instagram story. And the reality TV phenomenon amplifies things even more. The so-called perfect happiness, composed of sweetened moments of all truth. We are sold the fact of being in love like an endless honeymoon where it would only be a matter of having sex and sharing a good time. So that’s really love, loving, being in love? Is it this smooth happiness, this false perfection played, this succession of red moments passion?


And where has everything else gone? Emotions burning doublet, feelings without filters? Isn’t the fact of loving the other “even for the worse, in illness, trials”, all this, on the agenda anymore? Being in lo-ve is not just about making love and sharing a good time, even if it’s important. No, be-ing in love is also everything else, everything that is not necessarily seen, what is not published, but that we will remind you. Because that’s what really matters.

Be-ing in love isn’t just about having sex and sharing a good time

When you fall in lo-ve and luckily it’s reciprocal, obviously you’re on a little cloud. Candy pink or red passion depending on the moment and it’s quite normal. Love is made to be happy and it is logical to want to collect the moments of happiness.

Lo-ve each other passionately, travel hand in hand, make gifts lovingly, live together in the most perfect harmony …

Of course lo-ve is beautiful and nothing is more important than loving. Of course, to be in lo-ve is to enjoy these magical moments shared with the one we love. It’s building fabulous memories.


But you have to face reality, and sometimes you have to come down from your cloud, at least from time to time. Not because we don’t like less or no longer at all, but because the romantic relationship takes on another dimension, another depth.

So being in lo-ve is also…

Much more than sharing the same bed, weekends and holidays. More than carelessness and giggles. It’s all that, but it’s also the rest.

Love is turning around all night, because he is not there and we cannot
sleep without feeling his body by our side. Love is about talking to him about our problems, and listening to his own.

These are doubts, compromises, worries, tears sometimes in addition to the stars in the eyes and butterflies in the belly. Insomnia, knotted throat, waiting, arguments, words that go beyond thought.


But it’s mostly…

Love the other against all odds, respect him, console him, congratulatehim, supporthim, share the daily life, understand each other half-word, do not make empty promises, be there really.

Dry the tears of the other, know what makes him sad but also and what makes him smile, what will comfort him and what can move him. Know him by heart, or almost.

To be in love is to accept his faults as he accepts ours, it is the art of compromises. It is also to understand that not everything can be perfect, that we do not live in a dream but in reality.

Knowing that the lows are part of the couple in the same way as the highs, that love can disappoint or hurt but that together we get up stronger.


And to see in the eyes of the other all the lo-ve that he has for us,also to know that we have in our hands his happiness, to have tears in his eyes while looking at him because we are afraid of losing him. To be able to be without him but feel incomplete. Love is the unimaginable at the idea of living without it.

It is taking the risk of suffering if one day love goes away but having the conviction that loving like this is the most beautiful adventure in the world.

Being in lo-ve is all that and much more. So many things. This is an opportunity. A precious gift of life that must be taken care of.

To be in love is to have a responsibility, that of loving.

Lo-ve is being a team. A pair. A duo. It is to say to him” Accept me as I am and I will accept you as you are”.


Love is to be aware of the chance we have and to do everything to preserve this happiness. Being in lo-ve means that you are in your place, alongside the person made for you.

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