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Ben Affleck on reunion with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck is very grateful for the relationship he and Jennifer Lopez revived in April, says the 49-year-old actor in an interview with WSJ Magazine. What caused the former lovers to get back together, he does not want to reveal yet.

“That’s a beautiful story, very beautiful. For me, at least, it was beautiful. And it all went in a very nice way. Maybe one day I’ll share it by writing about it,” affleck said.

The actor, who was addicted to alcohol for a long time, says he also got a second chance outside his love life. (Ben Affleck on reunion with Jennifer Lopez)


“Life is difficult, you always make mistakes that you hope to learn from. It’s very important to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way when you’ve worked on yourself.”

Affleck now feels like “the person he really is, rather than who he wants to be”. “Not that I’m perfect, but I’m now someone who is honest, authentic and reliable.”

Ben Affleck on reunion with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck on reunion with Jennifer Lopez

The actor also hints at a possible marriage with Lopez. “The most important thing is to be a good father,” says Affleck, who has three children with actress Jennifer Garner. “Then to be a good person. And who knows, maybe a good husband. Hopefully.”

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Affleck had got engaged to Lopez in 2002, but their relationship ended in 2004. That would have had to do with the many media attention for the couple, who were also called ‘Bennifer’.


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