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Bibi Breijman

After a year and a half of strict and less stringent corona measures, everyone craves a normal life, but Bibi Breijman also notices that it takes some getting used to being able to do almost anything again.

“We have spent almost 24 hours a day together here at home, through all the measures, over the past year and a half. Infinitely coordinated, cuddled, danced and cursed very occasionally,” Breijman wrote Wednesday on Instagram.

Despite the strange situation, the presenter looks back on a very nice time. But the number of jobs is increasing again, so the couple has to get used to being without each other more often. (Bibi Breijman)


“So I was away from our holiday for two days this week and when I flew back to Portugal Billem (nickname for Waylon, ed.) 45 minutes later on that same plane back home. We could just see each other at the airport. (…) When I wanted to go to sleep at night, there was a note on my pillow. When I read it, I realized that I was standing there as a teenager in love, but above all that real life is about to start again; the festivals, theatres, flying runs and lots of works.”

Bibi Breijman

Breijman admits that she has been looking forward to it for a long time, but it still catches her off. “Finally! Something we’ve been looking forward to for so long. But how is it that suddenly it feels so strange that this hopelessness is over?! Acclimatizing in ‘ordinary’ life. But it’s nice to realize afterwards that you were actually very happy. So now we are a week apart because real life starts again, but it is a bit of a long time.”

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