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Boko Haram boss ‘seriously injured’: What we know



Boko Haram boss 'seriously injured

Boko Haram boss ‘seriously injured

In the a long time since Nigeria’s jihadist revolt emitted in the upper east, Boko Haram pioneer Abubakar Shekau has been accounted for dead a few times, just to return.

On Wednesday, knowledge sources say, rival Islamic State-united jihadists dispatched an assault on Shekau’s group in their fortress in the Sambisa woodland in Borno state.

Shekau was truly injured subsequent to attempting to commit suicide to dodge catch by the IS jihadists who encompassed him after a progression of fights, the sources said.


Nigerian media was loaded up with hypothesis that the one who stood out as truly newsworthy for abducting almost 300 students in 2014 may at last be dead.

In any case, 24 hours after the news broke, the military was all the while researching and insights concerning what occurred and where Shekau might be stay indistinct.

Boko Haram boss ‘seriously injured

Here is the thing that we know.

Who are the groups?

In excess of 40,000 individuals have been slaughtered and more than 2,000,000 dislodged from their homes by the contention in upper east Nigeria since 2009, and battling has spread to parts of adjoining Chad, Cameroon and Niger.


Since 2016, two opponent groups rose up out of the Boko Haram development after conflicts over Shekau’s aimless assaults on Muslim regular citizens and utilization of kids and ladies as self destruction planes.

On one side, Shekau’s Boko Haram group, referred to officially as Jama’tu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad or JAS, was situated in the Sambisa woodland. It additionally works in the far northern line of adjoining Cameroon just as wilderness spaces of Chad and Niger.

The different was Islamic State in West Africa Province or ISWAP with its fortification in Alagarno woodland and spaces of Lake Chad, a tremendous waterway with dissipated islands.

The two gatherings focus on Nigeria’s military and those from states lining upper east Nigeria. Be that as it may, inconsistent conflicts have additionally emitted between the two groups over impact and domain.


As indicated by the nearby knowledge sources, another round of infighting ejected in April during the Muslim heavenly month of Ramadan.

Boko Haram warriors trapped an ISWAP unit as they moved weapons to one of their primary camps, sources said. A few ISWAP men were murdered.

In reprisal, ISWAP dispatched an assault on a Boko Haram camp situated on Lake Chad. The two sides endured misfortunes. Be that as it may, the sources said, ISWAP took the battle to Boko Haram straightforwardly in Sambisa woodland found further south.

What occurred in Sambisa? (Boko Haram boss ‘seriously injured)

As indicated by subtleties from two insight sources, on Monday a caravan of ISWAP trucks mounted with automatic weapons entered the Sambisa timberland territory.


One gathering went to the Boko Haram camp in Sabilul Huda, where Shekau had looked for shelter. His group had as of late been debilitated via air strikes by the military.

ISWAP warriors figured out how to kill his gatekeepers and encompassed the house where Shekau had been stayed, the sources said.

What occurred next isn’t completely clear, however Shekau was truly injured when he attempted to commit suicide to try not to be taken alive.

Knowledge sources said Shekau shot himself in the chest and was subsequently safeguarded oblivious by a portion of his men and taken to an obscure area.


“In all actuality he may barely endure his injuries,” one source said.

Dead or injured?

In the event that sources are indistinct about whether Shekau endure, the jihadist commandant has shocked investigators before after different reports of his passing throughout the long term.

The Nigerian armed force representative couldn’t affirm any of the subtleties and said an examination was all the while continuous.


Neither ISWAP or Boko Haram have delivered any report about the assault on Sambisa or the whereabouts of Shekau.

– What occurs straightaway? –

Regardless of whether he is truly injured or dead, the deficiency of Shekau would be a gigantic hit to his Boko Haram group where he was a focal figure for quite a long time, experts said.

ISWAP had effectively turned into the more predominant power in Nigeria’s upper east appearance its ability to complete complex assaults on the military.


Its warriors have as of late invade a few armed force bases.

Taking Shekau’s Sambisa timberland fortress would permit ISWAP to unite an area it as of now holds in Alagarno backwoods and southern Lake Chad, conceivably permitting the gathering to control streets prompting the Borno state capital Maiduguri.

While some supportive of Shekau detachments along the Cameroon line and in Niger and Chad may need self-governance, ISWAP may now get to a pool of Shekau’s warriors and a fractional reunification might be underway, said Vincent Foucher, an individual at French National Center for Science Research.

“Certainly it is being talked about, every one of these folks are associated, they know one another and there should be arrangements going on. There are still a few questions however what is clear is that it is a major success for ISWAP,” he said.


“A many individuals are glad to see Shekau dead, however it isn’t awesome information if ISWAP turns into the single jihadist power around there.”




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