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Can we love two men at the same time?

Love two men at the same time

It’s been a few years since you’ve been married.

So far, so good… or you thought everything was fine! We are convinced of this as long as there is no danger to port.

A few months ago you found on a social network your first love. You were very happy to see yourself again and share your memories, everything you had experienced together. Then, little by little, a complicity was established, more and more… until becoming a lover/mistress in love! And you tell yourself that you love it more and more. Please, seduce you, makes you see another woman. However, You have no intention of leaving your husband at all.



Woman on Top: Sex Positions Involving Closeness of Body and Face, Intimate! 1

The situation has become complicated, unfair and in any case you are very concerned about this double life that comes to disturb your convictions.

Love two men at the same time: You have to lie, organize yourself differently, tolerate infidelity, in short, all this is against your values.

Until then, you always said that infidelity was reprehensible. Now you realize that one can love 2 people at a time.

A dilemma is facing you: Can we love two men at the same time?

The first thought to have is to think carefully to identify if you really like these two men.


One can actually love several people but very differently. With your former friend, you had a crush perhaps and even, surely, related to nostalgia for the passing of time. Your common memories have created complicity.

Then you may have wanted to break the routine that was beginning to settle down with your husband. Everything seemed to “roll” well in appearance, a quiet, reassuring life. It lacked that stroke of madness that made your complicity at the beginning. As time went on, this faded somewhat giving way to a form of habit. Everything seemed to be acquired, the seduction was no longer at the rendezvous!

So obviously this “ex” comes to disrupt your values. It even pushes you into your entrenchments.

"I love him but I doubt" Crazy testimony

Loving two men: What should be done? Leaving my husband?

Don’t you confuse desire and love? Don’t you confuse fantasy with reality? (Can we love two men at the same time)


Let’s first talk about the flame of desire that was perhaps a little extinguished… Here it is that revives! Want to splurge and it’s so much easier with a lover. We abandon ourselves, we pulsate because everything seems wonderful.

The adage “brand new beautiful” exalts desire! In your head, this creates a shocking chaos!

You no longer know who you really like.

Your husband has become transparent, you know you can count on him but you seem to no longer vibrate for him. So inevitably, you ask yourself the question: can I love these 2 men and stay in this life with 2 loves?

Love two men: Don’t mix everything up! (Can we love two men at the same time)

Your husband, you love him with true love: because you have the trust, all the shared memories, your complicity and all this tenderness that are the best proofs of a love that has held the road for a long time. In addition, you give a great place to commitment and your marriage was a real commitment that you wished very much. Your husband has moved away a little but he remains the person of confidence with whom you are considering tomorrow. He was able to prove to you how much he loved you.


With your “lover,” aren’t you freeing the butterfly that was just asking to open its wings? the desire was there, you were looking for intimate fulfillment but you did not dare to admit it to yourself.

Fighting my girlfriend's sickly jealousy

You had also forgotten to seduce and let yourself be seduced. For some time the makeup has returned, the pretty dresses too. You told yourself that your husband did not attach any importance to it (are you so sure??). Your lover is very sensitive to it and does not stop complimenting you.

On the other hand, it does not offer you any outing, just a few hours stolen daily. No more way he tells you because you are married and I do not want to share! Vous love it anyway. Doesn’t it help you to have more confidence in yourself? His attentions are what you expect. You talk a lot about it together.

Loving two men: Is that love? (Can we love two men at the same time)

What, then, is to be seen?


On the one hand, do not put everything on the back as one would tend to react in haste. Think and weigh the pros and cons.

This nascent passion can die out as quickly as it has ignited.

This is not the time to put on a union that until then gave you satisfaction.

Maybe over time you will quickly realize the real qualities of your husband and those less attractive of your lover.


Perhaps you will also rediscover yourself.

The sulking machines

Another woman will be reborn from this ordeal: a woman who will learn to say her needs and who will be able to express her desires. (Can we love two men at the same time)

A woman who will want to seduce. A woman who will tell herself that nothing is ever assured so be careful not to be caught up in achievements. Of course, we will have to decide one day or the other because a double life is taking a lot of risks and it is exhausting too!

If your husband discovers this, he may also have a radical reaction and then you would have lost everything when it was not your wish.

Be master on board, it’s about you.


Maybe you were in a zone of fragility and that precisely, this lover came to fill weaknesses that you could not have mentioned with your husband, out of modesty or to avoid conflicts

In fact this is communication you have now understood…

You may not have dared to say, not dare to ask, not dare to express. You ended up resigning yourself to seeing “it will be better tomorrow”!

A couple maintains themselves like a garden: we sow, we water, we remove weeds, we take time to choke it, we harvest..


Your actions are what they are: morality will not come to save them.

Do not condemn yourself because it has been done and you will not be able to go back on it. It is now a question of drawing the necessary conclusions from this.

Do you have the right to go out with your co-worker?

Think carefully before you act. Be accompanied, stay lucid. Do not overestimate yourself and above all do not underestimate the consequences of your actions.

Nothing is free and you may well find yourself alone to finish!

Ask yourself instead why you went elsewhere?

It is a work of personal introspection. Once you have found the answers, you can then find the solutions.

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