CARE Natural Beauty launches Cocoa Glow, collagen precursor that improves skin health

CARE Natural Beauty

CARE Natural Beauty – Seeking to innovate more and more in the clean beauty market, CARE Natural Beauty announces the launch of Cocoa Glow – precursor of powdered collagen with organic cocoa that contains ingredients that improve the appearance and health of the skin, in addition to promoting the proper functioning of the body. With the most complete formula on the market, balanced assets and 100% free of toxins, the new product’s main proposal is to increase the body’s natural collagen production, acting as a skincare from the inside out.

CARE Natural Beauty

Over the years, collagen synthesis varies, as does the proportion of collagen types in the skin (Type I, II, III and IV). Young skin, for example, is composed, on average, of 80% collagen. However, the body’s ability to replenish and maintain collagen naturally declines after the age of 25. Not only that, the power of the body’s antioxidant system is also reduced over time, which means the accumulation of dreaded free radicals – the ‘villains’ of skin health.

“Consuming skin care that stimulates collagen production is an alternative to providing the body with the raw materials needed to maintain the production of this very important protein”, explains Patrícia Camargo, founding partner of CARE Natural Beauty. “Collagen helps to maintain the structure and elasticity of the skin, collaborates with firmness, helps to avoid misalignment of the facial contour and reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles”, she adds.

Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Cacau Glow has organic cocoa (certified and coming from a micro-producer in Bahia), in addition to being a vegan alternative to traditional collagen in natura – protein exclusively from animal sources.

The potent formulation also has Glycine and Vitamin C, which help in restorative sleep and in strengthening the immune system, and dietary fibers, which provide better functioning of the intestinal flora.

“Cacau Glow arrives as a response to consumers’ search for healthier lifestyle habits, creating a product proposal that combines beauty with a healthy lifestyle”, concludes Luciana Navarro, also a founding partner of the brand.

The novelty is also accompanied by a collab between CARE Natural Beauty and the Cerâmica & Cia studio, which developed a limited and exclusive edition mug with the phrase ‘beauty comes from within’, available for purchase along with Cacau Glow on the CARE website. for BRL 259.00. “CARE is a brand that we have admired and ‘dated’ for a long time, that has an incredible history and, like ours, is led by women. This meeting is just the beginning of a long partnership. We share the same values: CARE believes in the purity of the skin, and we believe in the purity of raw materials and the beauty of handmade. CARE products do not use petroleum, lead or other heavy metals and we also do not use anything toxic in the manufacture of all our pieces”, says Nathalia Forshaid, partner at the Cerâmica & Cia.

CARE Natural Beauty

Photo: Gabriel Carnelos

main assets

    • Cocoa: powerful source of antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals;

    • L-Proline: increases collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, strengthening tendons, ligaments and muscle repair;

    • Vitamin C: assists in the better functioning of the immune system;

    • Glycine: ingested before bed, helps the body reach deep sleep faster;

    • Dietary fibers: provide better functioning of the intestine;

    • Lysine: has antiviral action, helping to fight infections.

Cocoa Glow: BRL 195.00 (300g) Cocoa Glow Kit with Cerâmica & Cia mug: R$259

Recommended Use: Consume 10g (1 portion) in 150 ml of hot water/vegetable milk once a day or as directed by your doctor or nutritionist. The product is indicated for individuals over 19 years old.

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CARE Natural Beauty

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