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Celine Dion poses the tired face, On Sunday, May 8, Canadians celebrated Mother’s Day and singer Celine Dion did not fail to pose with her clan. The star, whose health is at the heart of the worst rumors, posed with a tired face with his three children, René-Charles and twins Nelson and Eddy.

A few days after her appearance on video, to announce bad news to her fans about yet another postponement of the Courage World Tour, singer Celine Dion reappeared on Instagram.

On her account, the 54-year-old Quebec diva posed for Mother’s Day on May 8, 2022. And she didn’t seem to be at her best. His three sons could be seen by his side.

It was from her home in Las Vegas, where she lives barricaded, that Celine Dion celebrated this day with her children together. she  writes: “On this Mother’s Day, I feel very privileged to be able to be with my children, and I have a very special thought for these mothers in Ukraine [she unveiled a video message in favor of Ukrainians, Editor’s note] and all over the world who have lost their children And I think of those mothers who are constantly worried about the safety of their children and also to those mothers who devote every ounce of their energy just to providing their children with the necessities of life.


These mothers are truly the bravest and I dedicate this special day to them. We pray that they will find comfort for their families, and peace in this world. – Celine xx

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Celine Dion poses the tired face

Celine Dion, who suffers from severe muscle spasms revealed by her team in October 2021, poses with a very tired look in this family photo.

The diva, a single mother since the death of her husband René Angélil, appears with her features drawn without makeup and her eyes a little closed despite a thin smile on her lips that says a lot about her joy at being surrounded by her family.

Above all, we note in passing that his discreet twins Nelson and Eddy (11 years old) have changed a lot physically! Both have very brown long hair that they do not seem in a hurry to cut but the resemblance stops here since one now displays some curves and glasses while the other reveals conversely a thin face similar to that of his famous mother and does not seem to need visual correction.


As for the eldest, René-Charles (21 years old), he continues his transformation into a handsome young man well in his sneakers.

While she is resting at home, there is no doubt that Celine Dion must be happy to have more time than usual to take care of her children. But his fans are eagerly awaiting his return and the few off words announcing a return are hardly convincing.

Celine Dion poses the tired face: photo with her twins Nelson and Eddy who have changed a lot!

Celine Dion poses the tired face




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