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Celine Dion “sad and robotic”? On April 29, Celine Dion took the floor on social networks to announce, in a video in French and English, that she is once again postponing the European dates of the “Courage World Tour”. The cause is still failing, it suffers from muscle spasms. In his native Quebec, one wonders if this does not hide some more serious .

The rumors start again. While Celine Dion announced in October 2021 that she was suffering from severe muscle spasms, preventing her from returning to the stage in Las Vegas, since then it is the anxiety that dominates among her fans.

And for good reason: she has in the wake of giving up the rest of the Courage World Tour, scheduled from May 2022, for the moment rescheduled. Enough to suggest that she would suffer from something more serious.

Celine Dion “sad and robotic”? His last video appearance decrypted, his health questioned

Celine Dion sad and robotic His last video appearance decrypted, his health questioned

On April 29, Celine Dion posted a video in which she took stock of her health, looking disheartened but appearing more fit than in the stolen photos of her showing her gray hair and with a small look, last January. “I still feel a little better but I still have muscle spasms

 I have to be in great shape, in full health so that I can give 100% of myself on the stage because that’s what you deserve  My doctors follow me, I get treatments but the recovery takes a lot more than I thought,” she tells her audience.


But where do these spasms, so difficult to treat, come from? How long will they last? In his native land, we begin to doubt the official version given by the interpreter of My Heart Will Go On.

As Gala reports (on newsstands on May 5, 2022), Quebec columnist Sophie Durocher, a key figure in the Journal de Montréal, spoke at the microphone of QUB Radio.

And she tried to decipher the latest video of the diva. “We wonder if she doesn’t read a message, we feel extremely sad, like robotics. If an artist of Celine Dion’s caliber postpones, it’s not because she has a little headache, there is something major. 


These famous spasms are beginning to become extremely worrying. Millions of dollars are at stake! We will have to ask ourselves the question. Will Celine Dion go back on stage?” she said at the time.

For the moment, the theaters that are waiting for her impatiently are limited to evoking “a health problem” without going into details and, in the entourage of the star, it is assured that she will “sing again“.

Celine Dion, who is expected in the cinema next winter, must also reschedule her comeback in Las Vegas, she who has signed for a third residency but, this time, at Resorts World.

Celine Dion “sad and robotic”? His last video appearance decrypted, his health questioned






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