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Check out 5 of Sonic's supporting characters as charismatic as him
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The Sonic series is one of the most famous and popular in the gaming world, born in the 90s and quickly becoming a cultural icon.

Since the launch of “Sonic the Hedgehog” for the Sega Genesis in 1991, the blue hedgehog gained a legion of fans and expanded his universe in ways few games have managed. Sonic's breakneck speed and rebellious attitude won hearts, leading the franchise to explore new territories with more than 80 games released on various platforms over the years.

But Sonic It didn't just stop at video games. The character successfully ventured into the world of entertainment, including animated series such as “Sonic X” and “Sonic Boom”, which brought new stories and further deepened the characters' lore. In 2020, Sonic made his theatrical debut with a live-action film that, despite initial criticism about the character's design, ended up being well received by the public and even got a sequel in 2022.

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Furthermore, Sonic and his friends have also appeared in comics, books and a multitude of merchandise, cementing the franchise as a mainstay of pop culture. And we can't forget the various supporting characters that enrich Sonic's universe. Charismatic and unique, each of them has their legion of fans and, in many cases, they are as important to the saga as the hedgehog himself.


With that in mind, today we bring 5 Sonic supporting characters for you to get to know.

1 – Miles “Tails” Prower

Needing no introduction in this list of supporting characters, Tails is in practically all of Azulão's games and appeared for the first time in Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive. Known for using his tail in the shape of a propeller, the fox boy admires the hedgehog and is part of the team's “brain”.

2 – Knuckles the Echidna

Guardian of the Master Emerald and one of the heroes of the series, the echidna has also served as a rival and has an almost antagonistic personality to Sonic. After all, his mission is to protect the giant jewel from anyone who could destroy it, which leads him to be trapped on Angel Island, while the bluebird and its speed are a symbol of freedom. Hard-headed, Knuckles is also naive, but deep down he has a good heart.


3 – Amy Rose

The eternal lover of Sonic stars in an unrequited love in the best “Seu Madruga” and “Dona Clotilde” style, being one of the most popular supporting characters. In recent times, she has gained more prominence and other roles than just being “eternally in love with Sonic”. The fact that she is cute and represents the “heart” makes her reach the emotional side of the most diverse characters, including the robot Gamma from the first Sonic Adventure, and Shadow himself in Adventure 2.

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4 – Shadow the Hedgehog

And speaking of Shadow, the black hedgehog is a creation of Doctor Gerald Robotnik (Eggman's grandfather) to be the ultimate life form to benefit humanity. Unfortunately, the government feared his excess power and ended up causing a holocaust on the ARK space colony, something that traumatized him for the rest of his life. Originally he would be restricted to Sonic Adventure 2, but his popularity was so great that he ended up appearing in other games.


5 – Rouge the Bat

Also appearing in Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge is a government spy and for this reason her attitudes are ambiguous, as she follows her own interests more. Charismatic and “femme fatale”, she apparently aroused feelings in Knuckles and appears to be reciprocated.


Check out 5 of Sonic's supporting characters as charismatic as him

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Check out 5 of Sonic's supporting characters as charismatic as him


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