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Check out how to use the color black for a more striking look
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Black is a versatile color not only for your look, but it also works with makeup. From lighter makeup to more elaborate makeup, black is a great option to go from a more natural makeup look to something more striking. Check out some ways to use black in makeup now.


Eyeliner is one of the most used makeup items. Although it comes in several colors, the most common is black. However, this does not mean that it is the most basic. With eyeliner, you can be creative, whether with a more elaborate graphic eyeliner or a cat eyeliner. It is also possible to make a thicker line.

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Graphic eyeliner is a way to be bold in makeup (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@natashadenona)


The smoky eye can be a little more complex to do, however, it is a good bet, as it is considered a makeup classic. With this makeup, you can make your look more striking. A good tip is to use a transition shade, with a more earthy tone. Using a shade of brown, it is possible to obtain the most natural smoky effect. Use the transition shadow to mark the crease of the eye, making it easier to blend.


Smokey eye makeup

Smokey eye makeup

The smoky eye makes the look more striking (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@sarahillmakeup)

Foxy Eyes

Foxy Eyes is a makeup technique that has become a trend on social media. The main idea is to make the look more elongated and highlighted. For the technique, you can use eyeliner or shadow. It is also not a very complex technique to do. Use a micropore tape to mark the end of the eye to the beginning of the eyebrow (it can also be done with a card or other surface that helps with marking). Then, just pull the eyeliner or shadow from the middle of the eyelid to the corner of the eyes. The difference between this technique and an eyeliner is precisely because, when doing an eyeliner, the line is made across the entire eyelid.

Foxy Eyes is a technique to lengthen and define the look (Video: reproduction/Instagram/@beautywithpatty)


If you want to highlight your look, but don't want to use smoky eyeshadow or use eyeliner, you can achieve this striking effect with just an eyeliner. To do this, simply apply the pencil to the waterline and blend a little below with a thinner brush.

Eyeliner in makeup

The eye pencil can also be used to create a smoky eyeliner (Photo: reproduction/Instagram/@iomakeupofficial)


You can also use eyeliner to create a smoky eyeliner effect. The idea is the same as the previous one: apply the black pencil to the eyes, including the eyelid and then, with a fine brush, blend the markings. You can use brown or even black eyeshadow to create a smoky eye look.

Featured photo: black in makeup can make your look more striking (reproduction/Instagram/@sabrinaanijs)


Check out how to use the color black for a more striking look

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Check out how to use the color black for a more striking look


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