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Chile and Peru draw goalless in a lackluster Copa América debut
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Chile and Peru drew 0-0 at At&T Stadium, this Friday (21), in the first round of Group A of the Copa América. The match was marked by a high number of fouls and few scoring opportunities. Brazilian referee Wilton Pereira Sampaio had a lot of work to do, calling 37 infractions throughout the game.

In addition to Wilton, other Brazilians participated in the arbitration: assistants Bruno Pires and Bruno Boschillia, fourth referee Edina Alves Batista, fifth referee Neuza Inês Bachi, VAR Rodolpho Toski Marques and AVAR Daniel Nobre Bins.

O Peru started the match with Gallese; Araújo, Zambrano and Callens; Advíncula, Quispe, Cartagena, Peña and Polo; Flores and Lapadula. Already the Chile started with Bravo; Isla, Díaz, Licnovsky and Suazo; Pulgar and Núñez; Contreras, Davila and Alexis Sánchez; Eduardo Vargas.


Players from Peru x Chile in a ball dispute. (Photo: reproduction/X/@CopaAmerica)

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First time

The first half was marked by an intense physical contest and many fouls, resulting in a truncated game with few clear scoring opportunities, with many passing errors and many interruptions, without either team being able to impose their game in a decisive manner.

Early on, Advíncula tried an offensive play, but was caught offside. The match continued with a series of fouls committed by players on both sides, including Sergio Peña, Marcelino Núñez, Andy Polo, Dávila and Vargas, which constantly interrupted the flow of the game.

In the 15th minute, Chile had the best chance of the first half when Alexis Sánchez received a low cross in the area, but finished over Gallese's goal, wasting the opportunity. The game continued with more fouls and yellow cards for Zambrano and Erick Pulgar, reflecting the fierce nature of the confrontation.

Chile continued to press, with Dávila attempting a shot blocked by the Peruvian defense and Sánchez missing the target again with another attempt. Peru also had its moments, but faced difficulties in maintaining possession of the ball and building offensive plays. In the 33rd minute, a substitution was made by the Peruvian coach, with Marcos López replacing Advíncula on the left flank.


In the final minutes of the first half, Peru created a significant chance. Miguel Araujo headed the ball on target, but Chilean goalkeeper Bravo made a safe save. In short, the first 45 minutes were full of competition and few dangerous moves, with Chile taking the initiative and Peru trying to resist and create their opportunities. In the 47th minute, Lichnovsky and Zambrano needed treatment on the field after a head collision in the attacking field.

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Gianluca Lapadula and Erick Pulgar in Peru x Chile

Gianluca Lapadula and Erick Pulgar in Peru x Chile (Photo: reproduction/Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports)

Second time

At the stage, the game appeared to be disputed, but with few clear chances of scoring. After just 2 minutes, Dávila received a yellow card after a strong tackle on Lapadula, demonstrating the intensity with which the teams started the match.

In Chile, Valdés was replaced by Osorio at halftime, a change confirmed in the 6th minute. Shortly after, in the 10th minute, Lapadula had the first clear opportunity for Peru, but his weak shot was easily saved by Bravo. Gallese also shone in the 14th minute, holding off a shot from Núñez, who had received a precise pass and tried to open the scoring.


The Chilean coach made new changes in the 18th minute, with Brereton and Bolados replacing Dávila and Vargas. The team sought to increase the pressure, but in the 21st minute, Peña sent a dangerous ball to the left of the goal, showing that Peru was also attentive to attacking opportunities.

Peru also changed the team in the 25th minute, with Grimaldo and Guerrero replacing Flores and Quispe. Even with the substitutions, the game remained truncated and with few chances, as evidenced in the 29th minute, where both teams showed difficulties in creating.

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Alexis Sánchez, from Chile, received a yellow card in the 35th minute for a complaint, in a game increasingly marked by fierce competition. Soon after, in the 33rd minute, Bravo made two spectacular saves in a row, first parrying a strong shot from Lapadula and, on the rebound, defending Guerrero's shot.

In the 39th minute, Peru made more substitutions due to an injury to Callens, with Sonne and Polo entering the field, while in Chile, Echeverría replaced Núñez. The game remained balanced and in the 41st minute, Brereton had a header after Isla's cross, but the ball went over the goal.


The referee granted five minutes of extra time, but in the 46th minute, Isla was caught offside, thus ending the first half. Without goals and with few clear chances, Peru and Chile ended in a draw in the opening match of the Copa América, adding one point each.

Alexis Sánchez was named player of the match

Alexis Sánchez was named player of the match. (Photo: reproduction/X/@CopaAmerica)

Group Classification

With the draw, both teams have one point each in the Copa América, occupying second and third place in the group. Argentina leads with three points, while Canada is in fourth, with no points.

The Peruvian team returns to the field next Tuesday (25), at 7pm (Brasília time), against Canada. On the same day, Chile will face Argentina, at 10pm. The two games are valid for the second round of group A of the Copa América.

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Featured Photo: Peru and Chile draw goalless in the Copa América (Reproduction/Sam Hodde)


Chile and Peru draw goalless in a lackluster Copa América debut

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Chile and Peru draw goalless in a lackluster Copa América debut

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