Conmebol releases Libertadores table with date and time of games

Libertadores table with date and time of games

Libertadores table with date and time of games – The group draw for Libertadores 2023 took place yesterday (27), however this Tuesday (28) the entity released the tables with the dates and times of the games. The group stage will take place between April 4th and June 29th. The Brazilian representatives in the competition will be: Athletico-PR, Atlético-MG, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fluminense, Internacional and Palmeiras.

Libertadores table with date and time of games

Group F does not have any Brazilian team. It will be formed by the teams: Boca Junior (ARG), Colo-Colo (CHI), Monagas (VEN) and Deportivo Pereira (COL).

The Libertadores groups looked like this:

A group:

Aucas (EQU) x Flamengo – 5/4 at 7pm

Ñublense (CHI) vs Racing (ARG) – 5/4 at 21h

Flamengo x Ñublense (CHI) – 19/4 at 21:30

Racing (ARG) vs Aucas (EQU) – 4/20 at 7pm

Ñublense (CHI) vs Aucas (EQU) – 5/2 at 7pm

Racing (ARG) x Flamengo – 4/5 at 7pm

Aucas (EQU) vs Racing (ARG) – 23/5 at 21h

Ñublense (CHI) x Flamengo – 5/24 at 9:30 pm

Aucas (EQU) vs Ñublense (CHI) – 7/6 at 9pm

Flamengo x Racing (ARG) – 6/8 at 9pm

Flamengo x Aucas (EQU) – 28/6 at 21:30

Racing (ARG) x Ñublense (CHI) – 28/6 at 21:30

Group B:

Independiente Medellín (COL) x Internacional – 4/4 at 9pm

Metropolitanos (VEN) x Nacional (URU) – 4/4 at 11pm

Internacional x Metro (VEN) – 4/18 at 7pm

Nacional (URU) x Independiente Medellín (COL) – 4/19 at 7pm

International x National (URU) – 5/3 at 7pm

Independiente Medellín (COL) vs Metropolitanos (VEN) – 5/3 at 11pm

Independiente Medellín (COL) vs Nacional (URU) – 5/23 at 9pm

Metropolitanos (VEN) x Internacional – 5/25 at 9pm

National (URU) x International – 6/7 at 7pm

Metropolitanos (VEN) x Independiente Medellín (COL) – 6/8 at 7pm

Internacional x Independiente Medellín (COL) – 6/28 at 7pm

National (URU) x Metropolitan (VEN) – 6/28 at 7pm

Group C

Cerro Porteño (PAR) vs Barcelona (EQU) – 4/5 at 9pm

Bolívar (BOL) x Palmeiras – 5/4 at 21:30

Barcelona (EQU) x Bolívar (BOL) – 19/4 at 23h

Palmeiras x Cerro Porteño (PAR) – 4/20 at 9pm

Cerro Porteño (PAR) x Bolívar (BOL) – 5/3 at 7pm

Barcelona (EQU) x Palmeiras – 3/5 at 21:30

Bolívar (BOL) vs Barcelona (EQU) – 5/23 at 9pm

Cerro Porteño (PAR) x Palmeiras – 5/25 at 9pm

Bolívar (BOL) x Cerro Porteño (PAR) – 6/6 at 11pm

Palmeiras x Barcelona (EQU) – 7/6 at 21:30

Palmeiras x Bolivar (BOL) – 6/29 at 9pm

Barcelona (EQU) x Cerro Porteño (PAR) – 29/6 at 21h.

Group D

The Strongest (BOL) vs River Plate (ARG) – 4/4 at 7pm

Sporting Cristal (PER) vs Fluminense – 5/4 at 21:30

Fluminense x The Strongest (BOL) – 4/18 at 7pm

River Plate (ARG) x Sporting Cristal (PER) – 19/4 to 21h

Fluminense x River Plate (ARG) – 2/5 at 21h

Sporting Cristal (PER) x The Strongest (BOL) – 2/5 at 23h

The Strongest (BOL) x Fluminense – 5/25 at 7pm

Sporting Cristal (PER) vs River Plate (ARG) – 5/25 at 9pm

River Plate (ARG) vs Fluminense – 7/6 at 21:30

The Strongest (BOL) x Sporting Cristal (PER) – 7/6 at 23h

Fluminense x Sporting Cristal (PER) – 27/6 at 21h

River Plate (ARG) x The Strongest (BOL) – 6/27 at 9pm

Group E

Argentinos Juniors (ARG) vs Independiente del Valle (EQU) – 4/4 at 7pm

Liverpool (URU) vs Corinthians – 6/4 at 7pm

Independiente del Valle (EQU) x Liverpool (URU) – 18/4 at 23h

Corinthians x Argentinos Juniors (ARG) – 4/19 at 9:30 pm

Liverpool (URU) vs Argentinos Juniors (ARG) – 5/2 at 7pm

Corinthians x Independiente del Valle (EQU) – 2/5 at 21h

Liverpool (URU) vs Independiente del Valle (EQU) – 5/24 at 7pm

Argentinos Juniors (ARG) x Corinthians – 5/24 at 9:30 pm

Argentinos Juniors (ARG) vs Liverpool (URU) – 6/7 at 7pm

Independiente del Valle (EQU) x Corinthians – 6/8 at 7pm

Corinthians x Liverpool (URU) – 28/6 at 21:30

Independiente del Valle (EQU) x Argentinos Juniors (ARG) – 7/28 at 9:30 pm

Group G

Alianza Lima (PER) x Athletico-PR – 04/04 at 19h

Atlético-MG x Libertad (PAR) – 06/04 at 19h

Athletico-PR x Atlético-MG – 04/18 at 21h

Libertad (PAR) x Alianza Lima (PER) – 20/04 at 23h

Atlético-MG x Alianza Lima (PER) – 03/05 at 21:30

Libertad (PAR) x Athletico-PR – 04/05 at 21h

Atlético-MG x Athletico-PR – 05/23 at 7pm

Alianza Lima (PER) x Libertad (PAR) – 05/23 at 23h

Athletico-PR x Libertad (PAR) – 06/06 at 19h

Alianza Lima (PER) x Atlético-MG – 06/06 at 21h

Athletico-PR x Alianza Lima (PER) – 06/27 at 7pm

Libertad (PAR) x Atlético-MG – 06/27 at 7pm

Libertadores table with date and time of games

Flamengo celebrates winning the 2022 Libertadores Cup Photo: Arthur Miranda/Pera Photo Press/Estadão Content

The competition will award a total of R$ 1.09 billion. In the group stage, each victory will be worth a prize of R$ 1.57 million, in case of a tie there will be no prize.

The prize was split as follows:

  • Group stage: BRL 15.7 million with an increase of 1.57 million per victory won


  • Round of 16: BRL 6.6 million


  • Quarterfinals: BRL 8.9 million


  • Semifinal: 12.1 million


  • Final: BRL 36.7 million for the runner-up and the champion will receive BRL 94.5 million.

The current Libertadores champion, Flamengo, received BRL 125 million from its participation in the 2022 season. This season, the champion of the competition will be able to earn an accumulated amount of BRL 147.5 million.

On the 11th of November we will meet the great champion of the Libertadores, at the Maracanã Stadium.

Featured photo: Libertadores Cup. Photo Disclosure/conmebol

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Libertadores table with date and time of games

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