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couple separates when they return from vacation

Going on holiday as a couple is a bit of a dream: sun, beach, languorous kisses, sipping cocktails, what better way to reunite your couple? Yes but no. According to a study conducted among 2000 people across the Channel by the Daily Mail, one in ten couples would separate when they return from holidays! How to explain this?

couple separates when they return from vacation

The causes?

When we argue on vacation it is because there is already something wrong, the holidays, that is to say, all this time spent together, will only reinforce these rants! It all starts with the travel arrangements since 24% of respondents say they have already taken the lead for luggage stories (the partner who does not help to make or carry the luggage), 33% say they have already argued in the car, during the trip,for 12%, it is in the queue of the airport that the rants would begin. 

The budget is also a big subject of conflict since 17% of holiday disputes would be on this financial subject,alcohol abuse also (17%) as well as meal choices (16%).


40% of the people told of having argued during their romantic holiday and this, from the first day of the holidays for 25% of them! And beh!(couple separates when they return from vacation)

The 10 Commandments of a Happy Couple After Talking about Love

When you look closer, it’s not that shocking. When a couple flapped their wings, they can hide their faces on a daily basis. Indeed, when we spend three or four hours together every day, just sharing the evening meal and a television series, we have less time and less reason to take the beak.

When you go on vacation for a week and you are H24 glued to the other, tensions inevitably appear faster
When a woman or a man comes to me for advice on his couple and explains that nothing is right, I often advise to go together, even if only for a weekend.

These little holidays allow either to renew the bonds that seemed lost by having a good time, by being able to fully enjoy the other, or to realize that the other really intolerants us. In the end, this is a good test.


How can I not get yelling at each other on holiday? (couple separates when they return from vacation)

Some rules:

  1. The one who leads is the one who leads the dance. Avoid the “I told you so”, “you drive too much like this”, “fucking you missed the stop”. No, shhh, it’s important! 
  2. Leave with a predefined budget not to be exceeded to avoid disagreements.
  3. Never say “as you want”, it’s really super boring, we want to hear the enthusiasm, we are on a thin vacation then!
  1. Turn off your phones, give yourself 30min a day or a little more if you have important emails to check, but that too, it is to be defined beforehand! You have to
  2. Prohibition to complain: you are on vacation, stop complaining 
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Happy holidays lovebirds, relax and enjoy!

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