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Court advised masmeijer – In June, the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal advised to convert Frank Masmeijer’s prison sentence into a suspended sentence. The Ministry of Justice and Security on Friday gave more insight into the controversial decision to pardon the former presenter after parliamentary questions. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) previously announced that it had advised against pardons.

Masmeijer was arrested in 2014 on suspicion of involvement in smuggling 467 kilograms of cocaine. In 2017, he was sentenced in Belgium to a prison sentence of nine years. Since 2019, the former presenter stayed in a Dutch prison.

Belgium has regulations whereby a convicted person can serve part of the sentence conditionally or with an ankle bracelet. As a result, Masmeijer must officially spend another year and a half in prison from the moment of the pardon.

Court advised masmeijer in a pardon request

The pardon request led to outrage and parliamentary questions, which the ministry answered on Friday. Advice from the Public Prosecution Service and the Court of Appeal has been added to provide insight into the way of working. The papers show that in April the court asked for a probation report to be drawn up.


Such a report records, among other things, how a convicted person views the offence and how likely it is that he will make another mistake. The court wanted to wait for that report before making the decision.

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The report has not been made public, although it can be read in the documents that it had a “positive approach”.

The opinion, which was signed on 9 June 2022, states that the court will arrive at a suspended sentence after the report of the probation service. “The court advises to convert the remainder of the sentence into a suspended sentence with a probationary period of two years. Within which the convicted person must refrain from committing criminal offences.’

According to OM, Masmeijer could have started a reintegration process

The Public Prosecution Service still supported the advice not to pardon Masmeijer. According to justice, pardon was not necessary, because the former presenter would enter a reintegration process.


Masmeijer’s former lawyer said in July that the pardon request was granted due to personal circumstances. Some of the documents have been made illegible. As a result, the exact substantiation for the pardon request remains unclear.

Masmeijer was regularly seen on Dutch television until 1993. At the time, after the end of the Holidayshow, his collaboration with broadcaster NCRV came to an end.


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