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Crying Suárez burst into tears after winning the league title with Atlético Madrid. The Uruguayan won the championship against FC Barcelona, where he had to leave at the beginning of this season.

Crying Suárez

“Barcelona didn’t appreciate me,” an emotional Suárez said. “They underestimated me and Atlético Madrid opened their doors to me and gave me a chance. I’ll always be grateful to them for that. They appreciated me.”

Luis Suárez Highlights

The 34-year-old Suárez netted Atlético’s winning goal in the 1-2 away win against Real Valladolid in the final round of play. That win kept coach Diego Simeone’s team-mate Real Madrid, who won 2-1 against Villlarreal, two points behind them.

After the final whistle, Suárez sat down on the turf and could not contain his tears. At the end of September, after six seasons with FC Barcelona, he made the switch to Atlético.


“It was such a difficult situation,” he said of his departure from Barcelona. “The way they suddenly looked down on me there. They didn’t need me anymore. A lot of people have suffered with me: my wife, my children. They’ve never been so, It hurt them.”

‘We’re the rightful champion’ (Crying Suárez)

Atlético had a big lead over the competition midway through the season, but dropped quite a few points in the following months. This brought Real Madrid and Barcelona back and a blood-curdling title battle ensued.

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“We can look back on a great season. After the winter break it was not easy anymore and we had difficult moments, but we were still the most constant team. We are the rightful champions,” concluded Suárez, who believes Lionel Messi will also give him the title with Atlético. “He’ll be happy for me, because we’re friends.”

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Italian Football Association bans Super League

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Crying Suárez

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