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Differences between love and passion: How to recognize them?



Differences between love and passion

Differences between love and passion

What is passion? The word passion derives from the Latin patio which means to suffer. As we will see this mode of relationship can not lead to happiness. What are the differences between love and passion?



It is a feeling that takes possession of us following a dazzling crush! Without warning our desire begins to take all the place and puts into action an attraction from which we can not detach ourselves. The object of passion is totally idealized by our thoughts and desires. Reality no longer has its place in a passion because we are like two actors of a film created each time at moment T. (Differences between love and passion)


Know that this is not love at all: this loss of control can lead us to make foolish decisions because we are victims of our impulses. Work will no longer matter, family will no longer exist and friends will be just one option among many. The only important and priority thing on everything is this other that I love, I idolize and that I hate just as much.

Everything is increased tenfold and the feelings end up losing their reason. We become the shadow of our shadow and it does not matter because only the object of our desire counts. The gaze of others no longer matters, their opinions do not matter as well as the rest of the universe: we are two against the rest of the world.

The end of passion is horribly painful (Differences between love and passion)

When we suffer the end we experience symptoms as strong as what can feel a drug addict who does not have his dose. It creates a real dependence on the object of desire. In the passion everything is brutal because everything is increased tenfold and put in exaltation: we do not manage anything because slave of this love at first sight that struck us with reason. contact with the logical world and the impression of living on another planet where we live everything at its peak whether it is sensations or feelings.

In true passion there is no desire but a real need for the other that becomes the one and only reason to live and hope. When we live a passion we are tired all the time because torn continuously between arguments, screams and theatrical outbursts. This is because we appropriate our partner, he must belong to us! This ideal being completely imaged must be with me because without him I am nothing and I will never be able to live.


As you will have understood, passion is not very exhilarating when you realize that it leads to nothing except the tearing of the heart that will take weeks or even months to recover.

Love (Differences between love and passion)

Love is first and foremost an emotional attraction. To really love you must have taken the time to know yourself in order to have a feeling of inner completeness. The other is a stranger who will gradually take the place of lover. In love there is no violence but respect and attention to this other who is there to bring me a little more happiness in my life.

In love one gives of one’s person without conditions. Things are done for free and sincerely with the sole purpose of giving to your partner that you love and respect.

The lover will not let himself be dictated by his actions by his emotions, there will not be this constant overflow that we find in passions because here we are in front of two well-constituted and differentiated entities.


In a romantic relationship we do not loseour heads, we remain ourselves whatever happens in mutual respect. All this will take the time necessary to grow your union and get to know its partner. (Differences between love and passion)

It is a lasting feeling based on the real and not fantasized knowledge of the loved one. We see the other as he is with his qualities and his defects. There is no idealization and fantasy: reality remains as it is.

Love is therefore a lasting feeling because it is based on the real knowledge of your partner whom you love and respect. You see it as it is with its qualities and weaknesses and you accept it as it is without wanting to change it.

Finally, love gives good energies and allows us to move forward in life.


conclusion (Differences between love and passion)

By way of conclusion I want to tell you: WARNING! Living a love passion is not a pleasure because it is destructive. It happens in our lives when we suffer from a lack of love and it hurts us so much inside that we have to find someone who will come to fill this gap quickly. Know that this relationship is purely selfish because you will look in the other what you do not have in you. This adulated being with whom you live a passion is nothing but a simple ordinary person like you and me but your phantasmagoria makes you carry it to the top of the heavens alongside the gods of Olympus.

Wake up and learn to love yourself because you are the most important person in your life.

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