Dior and Lucibel collab for anti-aging LED mask

anti-aging LED mask


anti-aging LED mask – In an unexpected collab, Dior and Lucibel.le Paris worked together to produce a revolutionary product in the Beauté market. The Maison of the LVMB Group, a specialist and pioneer in LED technology, has just launched Dior Skin Light, an anti-aging LED mask. The launch preview was presented at the Dior Cheval Blanc SPA in Paris. The mobile version is now available exclusively on the dior.com website and in Dior spas and boutiques. The product costs around 4 thousand euros.

anti-aging LED mask

The photo-bio-modulation technology in the mask uses red light to stimulate skin cells, providing fast, clinically proven results. A technological experience of unprecedented beauty and ultra-effective results due to its design. The arrangement of the LEDs allows each zone to benefit from an adequate light density, for an ideal result on the entire face in 12 minutes, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

anti-aging LED mask

Dior Skin Light (Photo: Reproduction/Dior.com/Disclosure)

The product promises effects on the quality of the skin in the first sessions, such as a decrease in redness on the thin surface of the skin and an improvement in luminosity. After a month of treatment, the skin becomes healthier, with a sebum index and pore shrinkage. With three months of use, Dior Skin Light shows anti-aging results such as wrinkle reduction, skin matrix regeneration, with a younger appearance.

The mask is adapted to all skin types, including the most sensitive ones, and to all skin tones, it acts above all as a source of energy that helps to balance and soothe the skin”, says the disclosure announcement.


Red light, with a wavelength of 635 nm, acts on skin regeneration processes: stimulation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production for radiant, plump and smooth skin.

Data informed by the company itself affirm the results of tests carried out. Check out:

From the first session, the effects on skin quality are immediate. After 1 month, skin quality improves noticeably. After 3 months of using the Dior Skin Light mask, the skin is firmer and smoother.
Instant improvement in skin quality and anti-aging effectiveness that lasts over time. After 3 months of use, with 2 weekly sessions of 12 minutes, users observe that:

– Sebum production is reduced: -70%*
– The skin is smoothed: +23.8%**
– The pore diameter is reduced: – 32.8%**
– The oval of the face looks redefined: +24%**
– Frown lines appear to be reduced: -38%**
– Skin density is improved: +47%**
– The skin is firmer: +23%* *
– The evenness of the complexion improves: +34%**

*Instrumental test on 10 women after 3 months of using the mask.
**Instrumental test on 20 women after 3 months of mask use.

Application Tips

According to the site itself, it is recommended to use the Dior Skin Light Mask twice a week to optimize results.
During each session, the face should be as close to the mask as possible. It is preferable to previously remove all make-up or any other element likely to divert light from the skin. It is also essential to use the goggles at your disposal to avoid glare.

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anti-aging LED mask

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