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Discover the revamped natural look of blush nails

When it comes to nails, the newest trend of the moment is the so-called “Blush Nails”. This new technique for nail design combines delicacy, minimalism and a more natural look, and has won hearts across networks, mainly through influencers.

the term “Blush Nails” was inspired by the smoothness and subtlety that blush brings. Just as blush provides a healthy and flushed appearance to the cheeks, Blush Nails aim to bring the same sensation to the fingertips, ensuring a delicate and very natural look.


Natural and minimalist nails are the newest trend for 2023. (Photo: Reproduction/Reddit @r/Nails)

The great difference of Blush Nails when compared to other nail polish application styles that also seek to be delicate is not only the choice of neutral colors and soft pastel tones, which imitate the natural nail color – such as light pink, nude, peach and beige tones -, but also techniques such as gradient nails, leaving an even more delicate aspect and very similar to natural nails. These soft shades help to enhance the natural beauty of the nails, providing an understated and sophisticated look that can still be very elegant.

In addition to colors, nail shape also plays a key role in Blush Nails. The trend favors shorter, more rounded nails, which give a more feminine and delicate look. The idea is to keep the nails at a length that is practical and comfortable for everyday use, avoiding an artificial and exaggerated appearance, although the Blush Nail technique used on longer nails also looks very beautiful and equally elegant.

Details of Blush Nails follow the same proposal of delicacy. (Photo: Playback/AliExpress)

Simplicity is the essence of Blush Nails, therefore, designs and decorations are minimalist, with fine lines, delicate stitches and small details that add a touch of elegance, yet very discreet. Subtle stripes, watercolor flowers, strategic dots, or even just clear nail polish with a soft sheen are some of the most common options right now.

Another important aspect of Blush Nails is texture. The idea is to maintain a natural look, avoiding thick layers of nail polish. Many people choose to apply clear nail polish just for extra shine, as this type of nail polish provides a translucent, glossy finish without completely covering the nail.


The popularity of Blush Nails is linked to their versatility. This trend easily adapts to different occasions, be it for everyday work, a formal party or even a wedding. The Blush Nails combine perfectly with any style of clothing and make-up, adding a touch of discreet sophistication to any look, maintaining that impression that you are well-groomed, but without too much effort, referring to an idea of ​​natural beauty, style “I was born like this” – trend for many who want a natural look, especially when it comes to makeup and nails.

Blush Naisl are synonymous with naturalness and delicacy. (Photo: Playback/Tik Tok @nailsbyalsn)

The Blush Nails craze continues to grow on social media, with countless influencers and celebrities joining the trend. People are increasingly looking for a more delicate and natural approach to nail care, valuing the individual beauty of each one – a trend coming from aesthetics clean girl and even the elegance in the minimalism of aesthetics old money.

This trend is very versatile and easily converses with different styles and personal tastes, that is, it is very worth it. “give a chance” for this new fashion.

Featured photo: Find out how the latest technique, Blush Nails, is done. Playback/ND Nails Supply

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Discover the revamped natural look of blush nails

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