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Duncan Mighty Celebrates His Mother’s 58th Birthday, He has taken to his Instagram handle to celebrate his mother’s 58th birthday today March 5, IgbereTV reports.

Describing her as his mentor and prayer partner, Duncan Mighty went down memory lane as he recounted how his mum carried him for 11 months and was in labor for 2 weeks before he was born.

He also disclosed that his mum later ”bled for straight 18 years.”

He wrote:


“Happy 58 birthday to my blessing you are the inspiration behind my world today, àfter carrying me for 11months ànd went through làbour for two weeks, you bleeded for straight 18years which was the reason i never had younger ones, and all through my growing up even with the pains and everyday tears upon tears you were the most hardworking person in the family, you don’t tolerate nonsense, you are never lazy with your several trades you built in me your best and only sales boy, indispite of all our suffer you were still able to raise à LEGEND my prayér machine, my private bank my example to others my everything mummy i will continue to spoil you with more blessings and will always take you às example to others that what it takes to be a big boy in life is how much value, care and love with steady money on your mother. You néver forgot those who stood by you in pains., Countlessly you have told me . MIGHTY ÀBEG GIVE THIS WOMAN FREE HOUSE TO STAY WITH HER FAMILY ÑA SHE DEY SELL SOMETHING CREDIT FOR ME WHEN I CARRY YOU FOR HAND. ENJOY YOUR day MY LIFE, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LOVE ITSELF. Mama MIGHTY #mentor”



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