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Elden Ring: Guide to Efficient Weapon Upgrading
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The only thing between you and death in Elden Ring is your weapon and the only way it can continue to save you is by constantly improving it throughout the journey.

Understanding this entire system can be a bit challenging even for veterans, so take a look at everything you need to know to create a true slayer of gods.

Where to upgrade weapons

The first step to improving your weapon is getting a place to do the hard work. At the beginning of the adventure this will be done in Elleh Church, which is just in front of the place where you start the adventure. This forge is simpler and only allows you to evolve your weapon by three levels.


From then on, you need to count on the help of a qualified professional and there is one waiting for you at Round table, the game Hub. The blacksmith there can level up your weapons to the maximum level, as long as you have the materials.

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Types of weapons and stones

There are several types of weapons and shields in the game, but they are all divided into just two lines of improvement: normal and special.

A normal weapon – most of the ones you find out there – is improved by using Forge Stone conventional. This type of weapon Goes up to level 25, changing the level of the stone needed to evolve every three levels. Example: up to level three your weapon will use Forge Stone (1) to be improved, from level four it will use Forge Stone (2) and so on. When she reaches level 24, with Forge Stone (9), she will need a resource called Elder Dragon Forge Stone, which puts her at level 25, the maximum possible.


As it asks for more Forge Stones at each level, the simple way to memorize what you need is: your weapon will require 10 stones of one level to be able to use a stone of a higher level. At level one it will require one Forge Stone (1), at level two it will require four Forge Stones (1) and at level three it will require six Forge Stones (1). Then start over with the next rarity stone for another three levels and so on until you reach level 24 and require the Elder Dragon.

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Special weapons, which are generally left by bosses or are well hidden, use the Shadowsmithing Stone. They only go up to level ten. From levels one to nine they only use a Shadow Forge Stone of the indicated level to evolve. From level nine to ten you need a Dark Draconic Forging Stone.

Ashes of War

As you may have noticed, weapons can have special abilities, used with L2/LT. Ashes of War are abilities that you can insert into conventional weapons to modify that special attack to one you like more. Special weapons already come with unique abilities that are considered powerful, so they do not allow exchange for Ashes of War.


Ashes of War are obtained during the game and can be inserted into your weapons in any Mark of Grace you rest. There's a menu just for that.

In addition to modifying the weapon's ability, Ashes of War allows your weapon to also change its Affinity.


Each weapon has an affinity. When you find them in the world, they are in Standard affinity. When encountering different Sharpening Blades During the adventure, you unlock new possible affinities for your weapon. There is a magic type affinity, for example, which will make your weapon deal magic damage in addition to its conventional damage, for example. Others can cause passive effects, such as poisoning. In the image you can see several types of affinities available throughout the game.


However, it is worth remembering that these affinities change your weapon's Attribute Bonus. You know that part in your weapon description with a letter for some kind of attribute? These are the bonuses. If a weapon is rank B in strength, for example, it means that its damage will scale greatly with your character's strength attribute. The more strength the character has, the more powerful this weapon will become. A weapon with rank S in strength would give even more bonuses per point in this attribute. So be careful that the chosen affinity does not modify the bonus for an attribute that you did not invest in and reduce its damage.

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How to get resources

Like almost everything in Elden Ring, you will get resources to improve weapons by exploring. Our tip is to look for mines, which are special dungeons full of Forge Stone. There is at least one of them in each region. If you want to find the one in Limgrave, for example, just click on our guide to essential places in the region right here.

There are also vendors who sell the stones. The Iji War Advisor, mentioned above, sells Shadow Forge Stone up to level four, for example.


The best way to buy stones, however, is by delivering bells found in the adventure to the Elderly Twins, which are located at the Round Table. If you find all the bells, they can sell Forging and Shadowforge Stones up to level 9! But be warned that they are quite expensive.

Elden Ring: Guide to Efficient Weapon Upgrading

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Elden Ring: Guide to Efficient Weapon Upgrading

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