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English clubs set to prevent super league

The Premier League wants to prevent English clubs from ever joining a Super League with new rules. For example, all club owners are required to sign a statement pledging to adhere to the “basics” of the UK’s top league.

“If the rules of this statement are violated, severe penalties will follow,” the Premier League said in a statement on Monday .

The organization also announces that measures will be taken to protect the Premier League and that it will never become a closed league (without promotion and relegation).

Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur announced last month that they wanted to compete in the Super League. They withdrew a few days after the announcement of the plans after fierce protests, especially from their own fans.


The Premier League reacted furiously and, with the support of the English Football Association FA, wants to do everything “to protect our sport”. “These measures are designed to prevent any future attempts to set up a new league.”

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English clubs set to prevent super league
English clubs set to prevent super league

FA starts official investigation

The FA announced in its own statement on Monday that an official investigation has started into the six English Super League clubs. The association has asked all clubs to provide relevant information and evidence regarding their participation.

“Once we have the required information, we are going to consider what appropriate action to take,” said the FA. “It is clear that what happened was unacceptable and could have caused widespread damage to clubs at every level of English football.”

The football association will also discuss how to prevent new projects such as the Super League from “now and in the future” from getting off the ground.

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