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Eurovision song about diamond bike brought Mahmood to Amsterdam, Mahmood, who sang himself to second place in the Eurovision Song Contest three years ago, returns this year with the love duet Brividi with singer Blanco. The Italian singers do not shy away from the less beautiful sides of relationships on the song. It even brought them to Amsterdam for the music video.

Mahmood, who on his first Eurovision entry Soldi sang about his father who left the family when the singer was still a child, is known for his raw and honest lyrics about his own life.

He usually performs these over solid hip-hop beats and modern ballads.

Eurovision song Brividi (which means ‘chills’) is one in the second category. For the song, which is already a big hit with more than 77 million streams on Spotify, Mahmood drew on his own dreams and experiences in previous relationships.


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Eurovision song about diamond bike brought Mahmood to Amsterdam

Eurovision song about diamond bike brought Mahmood to Amsterdam

Flying on a diamond bike

“I wrote the first verse in Sardinia,” he says in conversation with Us. “My mother’s house is close to the sea and I cycle there every day. Listening to music, it feels like I’m flying.

There came the idea behind the first sentence “ho sognato di volare con te, su una bici di diamanti (“I dreamed of flying with you on a diamond bike”, ed.) from.”

Mahmood and Blanco wrote the chorus together and did not shy away from the not always beautiful truth. The singer explains the phrase E ti vorrei amare, ma sbaglio sempre (“And I would love you, but I always ruin it”, ed.).

“You try to do everything for someone else, but still do it wrong. It is a very simple, but sincere concept. We haven’t made it any prettier than it is and I think this honesty appeals to people.”

The 29-year-old Mahmood and the nineteen-year-old Blanco emphasize that they come from a different generation and therefore look at love in a different way.


On the one hand, there is Mahmood’s more disillusioned view of it, which is sung with reflection. Blanco approaches it from a more uninhibited and impulsive perspective, which is accompanied by passionate vocals.

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The ‘grey side’ of Amsterdam

The diamond bicycle from the first verse brought Mahmood and Blanco to the Netherlands to record the video clip. “I wanted to bring that phrase to life, so we really had diamond bikes made and took them to the Netherlands,” mahmood explains.

In the video clip, the singers cycle along flat landscapes and windmills, but they also visit Amsterdam. “It was the perfect place for it, because it’s an inspiring and magical city. But the city also has another side.

I don’t want to call it a dark side, but a grey side, which is perfect for the song.”


Mahmood and Blanco will perform on Saturday 14th May during the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Because Italy won last year, the event is in Turin.

Eurovision song about diamond bike brought Mahmood to Amsterdam





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