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Evori’s Dream Wings the New Valorant Skin Line
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A Riot Games is coming with yet another new feature to drive the Valorant crowd crazy!

Connect to Evori's Dreamwings, the new line of skins that will transform your game into a festival of cuteness and magic. Forget those basic visuals, now each weapon comes with a cute mascot full of magical powers. It has everything: butterfly, cat, mouse, rabbit and even a bear! And the weapons? Just the favorites: Vandal, Spectre, Odin, Ghost and a new magic wand called Evori Conjurer. There you go, huh!

Each of these weapons has its own mascot: Evori, the stylish butterfly; Lunari, the serelepe cat; Solari, the fearless mouse; Terrari, the quick bunny and Amari, the cuddly bear. These little animals will accompany you with every bullet you fire, with animations and emotes that change depending on your performance in the game. It does not stop there! Each weapon has an equip animation that is a show in itself, and the Finisher… bro, it turns the map into a starry sky with exclusive music. How beautiful, huh? And best of all, each weapon has four color options, so you can create the most stylish and eye-catching team with your friends.

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Developer Comments


What were the design goals for Evori's Dreamwings?

“Man, creating these mascots was quite a trip. We gave each of them unique personalities and reinforced them with facial expressions that look like something out of an anime. There was a lot of research and experimentation, but in the end, we simplified it with an old game development trick: a facial expression system that uses sets of images. It's simple, but very efficient. Like, the Solari mouse is my favorite, because he has this fearless vibe, you know?” – Lee Bledsoe, Visual Effects

“Look, Evori's Dreamwings was inspired by a lot of things, especially the 'magical girl' genre. A lot of people on our team grew up watching it and still love it. We worked hard to make these skins reflect all the nostalgia and affection we have for this genre. Every detail was thought out with a lot of love, so that the players felt this connection too.” – Laura Baltzer, Product Manager

Were there any unexpected challenges or interesting stories throughout the development of Evori's Dreamwings line?

“In the beginning, we didn’t even have mascots on the skins! It was all very beautiful, but something special was missing. We tested various ideas, from elemental creatures to amorphous blobs, until we arrived at these cute animals. We wanted each player to be able to choose a mascot that represents their personality and style. In the end, these mascots became an essential part of the skins, and now it is impossible to imagine them without the animals.” – Laura Baltzer, Product Manager

Episode 9, Act I

The new episode starts on June 26th and brings a brand new Battle Pass with items like Phantom Convergence, Classic Bubble Pop, the What Afraid spray! and much more. So, prepare your heart and your wallet, because there are lots of good things coming!


VALORANT is that 5×5 FPS that puts you in a cold sweat with tactical and precise shots. Developed by Riot Games, the game is free and optimized to run on any PC or console, as long as you're not playing in a microwave. With cutting-edge servers and an anti-cheat system that promises to save you from hackers, VALORANT is the game for those who enjoy a good online fight with lots of style and adrenaline.

Evori’s Dream Wings the New Valorant Skin Line

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Evori’s Dream Wings the New Valorant Skin Line

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