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six factors that can affect your fertility
Although in some cases there is little you can do about your (in) fertility, there are a number of factors that influence. Consider, for example, the health of your partner’s sperm or your own lifestyle.

If you would like to become pregnant, it is good to be aware of the things that influence your (in) fertility. For that reason, we share them in this article.

These six factors influence your fertility

  1. Voltage a factors that can affect your fertility
    It may sound a bit floaty, but your body feels tension very well. So if you are stressed for a period, it may be more difficult to get pregnant. Why? Your body literally says ‘no’ to even more changes in your life.
  2. Smoking is another factor that can affect your fertility
    If you would like to light a cigarette and get pregnant, you can better avoid the latter. Not only can it be incredibly harmful during your pregnancy, but the chances of getting pregnant are also drastically reduced. According to one study, smoking causes 13 percent of all infertility cases.
  3. Caffeine a factors that can affect your fertility
    A study by the Nevada School of Medicine found that women who drink a lot of coffee have more trouble conceiving. How is that possible? Caffeine affects the muscle contractions that stimulate eggs to move to the uterus.
  4. Obesity a factors that can affect your fertility
    The more overweight the woman is, the greater the chance that the ovaries function less well and that women therefore have more trouble getting pregnant. The extra pounds also influence the production of the hormones and make pregnancy more difficult.
  5. Exercising too intensively
    It is of course good to exercise and do something about your condition, but exercising too intensively can affect how quickly you get pregnant. A study published in Fertility and Sterility found that women who exercise vigorously for more than five hours a week have more trouble conceiving than women who exercise every now and then.
  6. Age another factors that can affect your fertility
    The older you get, the less likely you are to get pregnant quickly. You are born with one to two million eggs at birth and that’s all the eggs you will have in your life. By the time of your first period, your supply will decrease to three hundred thousand. So in the end – during the years in which you are not yet pregnant – a select number of eggs remain that are really viable for pregnancy.
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