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Fantastic sex life – 4 golden tips
How do you keep the spice in your sex life in a relationship? You can talk to all kinds of strange methods while it can be so simple. We have 4 golden tips for a great sex life!
Four basics for a great sex life
When you notice that you’ve gotten into the sex color a bit, you want to do everything you can to spice up your sex life again. You want sparks to fly in the bedroom, and you want to fall asleep passionately in each other’s arms, just like in the movies.

Fantastic sex life

Fantastic sex life

It is possible, and it is not difficult. However, it does take some work on a daily basis to reach this point (again). Good sex is not a gift! You have to work on it, and we’ll show you how.

  1. Variety keeps the excitement and adventure in your relationship
    Yes – a classic tip when it comes to spicing up your sex life. Still, it’s truth as a… er… chicken! Variation in your sex life creates lasting tension and ensures that there is always something to discover. You can of course vary in many ways. There is really no need to reach for the whips and rubber directly.
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Start varying in little things. Put on a different kind of music, try it in the living room. You can get started with lubricant, fun toys or just take your sex toys out the window (watch out for passers-by) and do it au naturelle.

Try new positions, different forms of sex, start in a different order, change the atmosphere (do it once in bright fluorescent light instead of always with candles), do it at different times of the day in different places and so on . Varying is actually very easy, and you get a lot in return. By constantly doing different things there is always something to discover for both of you, and you will therefore be less likely to get into the sex color!

  1. Have sex regularly to keep the flow in your relationship
    The less you sex, the less drive you will have in the long run. More sex eventually means more sex. If you sex more often you will notice that you also get more sex drive, your body adapts. It may be difficult to cross the threshold, but if you really want to have a great sex life you should aim for at least two turns a week.

Magical things happen during a passionate lovemaking. Countless hormones are released (also read: Why sex is healthy ) that make you feel connected. The more often you are physically involved with each other, the stronger that feeling becomes. It is not without reason that many people see sex as something spiritual. Sex connects and makes you ‘one’ together.

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The longer you don’t have sex, the less connected you will feel as partners. And the less connected, the more vulnerable your relationship. So enjoy working together 2 to 3 times a week and keep the flame burning! Keep the ‘flow’ in your relationship.

  1. The sex is not about the sex
    Not much of a revelation, at least for most women. However, it is news for many men. Sex is not about sex. You have sex because you love each other, because you (here it comes) “make love to each other.” Right. Sex, at least in a relationship, is about love. It’s about connection with your partner, about those deeper feelings. That is why many people can get tears in their eyes or even cry during sex. It’s about emotions, love and subtlety.

So? So put that aspect of sex first. Put love first and let your feelings guide you. Don’t get into habit while kissing, but kiss with love. Taste and feel the other. Be aware of each other and really immerse yourself. Cuddle, play, caress and sniff. Make love to you, not sex.

  1. Talk to each other about sex
    If you only remember one thing from this article, make sure it is this point: keep communicating. The other does not know what you like and what you like until you indicate it. You can’t fully satisfy your partner if he or she doesn’t let you know what his or her preferences are. It is very simple, and also very difficult at times. Communication is the key to successful relationships, and therefore to a successful sex life. It continues in everything, and you have to keep doing it as long as you are together.
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Get to know each other, really get to know each other. Talk about everything and be honest and open. In addition, don’t just communicate about sex. A good and exciting sex life is a kind of umbrella veil over your entire relationship. The better you get along in everyday life, the better your sex life will become. So keep talking to each other.

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Were you fully aware of the above tips? Good for you, hang on and your sex life will remain dazzling! Did you see new opportunities? Get started and get started today. If necessary, have your partner read this text so that you are aligned. After all, you achieve a great sex life together.


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