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Fear of love

I see more and more in coaching people who are afraid to love. They want to be in a relationship but fear takes all the place in their minds.

I am often asked to explain why we are afraid to enter into an emotional story and open our heart to the unknown.

I will not teach you anything by telling you that the vision of love is built according to what we have observed in our family and more particularly according to the behavior of our parents. Fear of love


Subsequently, the love stories of literature, films, life experiences and societal normswill be added. At the same time, our entire system of norms and values is built, based above all on 90% of the images and messages conveyed by society about what love should be.

All sources of information will create in us a stereotypical vision of love: you have to be married at 30, you have to have a second residence next to the sea, you have to be sexy for your man …. We drown in the “It is necessary” and once again our ego makes us lose the thread of reality.

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We end up living in a bath of beliefs that limits us in our actions and gestures: Fear of love

  • Love is not easy
  • Men and women are not made to be together
  • You have succeeded in your life if you have a house with children, a husband and a garden
  • You have to suffer to have access to happiness
  • Etc etc etc

Often people come to me in coaching and say: how can I find love? I go out, I meet people BUT I can’t do it!

My answer is simple: you can only have a fulfilling relationship if you have HEALED your relationship with yourself. You have to be happy alone to be happy together. (Fear of love)

So a lot of people will tell me that’s the case! That they are good and that now it is time to find love. But have you really worked on your mistaken beliefs about love? Do you love yourself as much as that? Did you think about what you wanted?

  • Are you afraid of suffering?
  • Are you afraid of coming across the wrong person?

As long as your fears are still present it is because you have not worked enough on yourself. To welcome love you have to get rid of all the brakes that prevent you from going.

Ask These 6 Things When Couples Refuse to You

How to do it? Fear of love

Ideally going to see someone who can help you move forward is ideal! There are other possibilities that can help you regain confidence and free yourself:

  • Mediation
  • Reading
  • Writing (Fear of love)

You must be able to regain control over yourself “here and now” by taking full advantage of the moment without letting your anxieties, doubts and fears float.

We must be able to free ourselves from the beliefs that have been instilled in us since childhood. We are taught very quickly that a couple must be in a certain way and if it deviates from this state of affairs it will bring us misfortune.

Your happiness is defined according to your standards and beliefs. Fear of love

If you feel that a happy couple does not live together or that they should not have children: this is your right! To be afraid to love is to be afraid of not matching the norms instilled. If you free yourself from the yoke of society you will create your life and your couple!

What is the fear of loving? To have to be disappointed? Not to be able? To be wrong?


STOP: be yourself 365 days a year and happiness will come on its own!

Should we say everything to each other in a couple?

Free yourself from your constraints and false obligations.

Happiness is YOU!


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