Analysis | FIFA 23 brings few changes, but says goodbye at the top

FIFA 23 brings few changes


FIFA 23 brings few changes – FIFA 23 would be just another chapter in the annual series, if it weren’t for the beef between the highest football entity, FIFA, and the game’s developer, Electronic Arts. Due to a disagreement between the two, the partnership was terminated and, starting next year, the EA football game will have another name. That is, we are facing the last FIFA, at least in relation to the title.

FIFA 23 brings few changes

For the joy of the digital ballers, the farewell is at least worthy. With more advances in Hyper motion technology, good changes in Ultimate Team mode and the long-awaited addition of cross-play mode, the result is positive, even with the repetition of some usual mistakes. greater visual reality  <span style=
The first notable change in this year’s version of FIFA is in the graphics. It’s not an impressive generational leap, but it’s clear that players have received a good boost to their faces. The most famous, which gain even more attention, are even confused with their real versions. Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar are examples of impressive 3D models. Another factor that greatly elevates this feeling of greater reality is the animations. Hypermotion, technology that takes motion capture from real matches and adds thousands of new animations, has received even more refinement and now physical collisions on the field are even more convincing. The ball in contact with the goalkeepers hand pushes their fingers back. The ball deforms on kicks. A lot of small details that greatly enhance the final presentation. Field and fans remain in the background and, although they have improved in last year’s version, this year they did not receive relevant news. gameplay preserved  <span style=

FIFA 23 brings few changes, but says goodbye at the top

Every time a new FIFA comes out there’s always that discussion about game speed, shot power and the like. In this year’s version I hardly felt much change on these fronts. The game has a very similar cadence and the main differences are in relation to the balance. Players now have a new rhythm system, to try to end the lack of balance of the fastest in relation to the others.
Now each of them has different maximum speeds at the start of the pike and different duration for this maximum point. This allows some defenders to be able to keep up with attackers if the run is longer, or players with less pace still manage to stand out by having high acceleration or longer duration of their top speed. Overall, it’s a good addition and one that should be further refined in the next versions, which will apparently be called EA Sports FC.
Another more visible change is in the AI ​​of machine-controlled players on your team, at least on the new generation of consoles. For the first time in years I found defending fun in FIFA. That’s because the teammates you don’t control hold their position quite intelligently most of the time, respecting the lines and recomposing when necessary. With adjustments to tactics, the team will behave the way you want. However, there are also some mistakes from before, such as lack of balance in certain skills, and the chicken and buggy goalkeepers. It’s amazing how very high level goalkeepers are pushing into the goal or letting weak balls pass without jumping or jumping wrong. Already the three-finger crosses are totally broken.
Videos circulate on the internet with professionals climbing spikes with the good leg switched, managing to cross the area with precision in a trivela and scoring headers all the time. EA will tinker with it all, but from past experience, they usually fix something and break three more systems. It’s wait and see. new chemistry  <span style=In Ultimate Team, or FUT, the main change is the new chemistry or chemistry system between players on your team. The lines and loyalty system were dropped and now a much simpler and more efficient system has taken its place. Each player can have up to three chemistry points, which are acquired according to the number of players from the same team, league or nationality present in the starting squad. That is, now a player influences the chemistry of the whole team and not just those who are close to him. The result is a possibility of more diverse squads, with more mixture between leagues and nationality, which made several cards that would have been little used more interesting.
Apart from this positive change, the rest is the experience that everyone is used to, with its strengths and weaknesses. What’s cool is that this year there’s cross-play between PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5 for game modes. Old-gen consoles have that too, but only between them. However, for those who play on PC, the misfortune is that the platform market will not be integrated with that of consoles, so the experience ends up being quite different. Let’s see how the system evolves in the coming years, because at the moment it already shows good results with matches found instantly.
Conclusion  <span style=FIFA 23 has less impactful additions this year, but still brings a pack full of content. The new FUT chemistry system, improved visuals and balance changes are the most interesting new features. EA’s football simulator remains the pinnacle of digital football and knowing that this will be the last chapter of the franchise with the classic name already makes us a little nostalgic. pros
  • Hypermotion 2.0 brings super realistic collisions and animations to the game
  • New FUT chemistry system allows for more squad diversity
  • Team AI is well done and respects formations
  • Cross-play broadens the player base across all platforms
  • Balancing remains flawed in various techniques
  • Goalkeepers failing a lot, as usual
  • Few innovations to justify the full price
Grade: 8.0/10.0

A PS5 copy of the game was provided by Electronic Arts for the preparation of this review.

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FIFA 23 brings few changes

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