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Fiuk and Thaisa break the silence about the breakup

The end of the year has arrived, and with this moment of renewal, many relationships have come to an end. One of the most talked about couples that went through a recent breakup was Fiuk and Thaisa Carvalho. The two began their romance in September last year, but they had known each other for more than ten years. Recently, a gossip influencer published that the couple was no longer together, and was the only source of what had happened until then. Fiuk and Thaisa spent some time without giving any explanation, but this week the silence was broken once and for all.

Fiuk and Thaisa ten years later (Photo: Reproduction/Correio Braziliense)


Through social media, Thaisa shared a series of stories venting about the end of her relationship with the musician, and was moved to tears at times. “So guys, how are you? I'm appearing here unwillingly. Anyone who knows me also knows, but I will not allow this exposure, this humiliation once again and if the person who made all this exposure happen does not speak out, in fact it will need to come from me”, the carioca started. “I just wanted to say that I'm very sad about the way our breakup was announced. I didn't even have time to tell my family. They found out along with you. I found out that he was in Farofa together with you and our story was much more with a relationship. It's a story of more than 10 years. He was a person I always admired in my life”, she added, and accused Fiuk of making out at Gkay's event: “So I'm sorry for the way things happened and I'm even more sorry for a person having the courage to send me a message saying that he's trying to preserve me, that he's respecting me and having crises and then I receive videos of him entering a dark room. So So, guys, in fact, Fiuk and I are no longer a couple, he is single and so am I.”

Thaisa and Fiuk next to the singer's car (Photo: Reproduction/Who)

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After Thaisa spoke publicly about the breakup, Fiuk also came to the media to tell his side of the story. “Guys, good night! I just saw the stories and everything that is emerging about the end of my relationship and so that no more speculation or noise is created on the subject, I thought it best to take a stand. Our relationship ended a while ago, it wasn't a decision made now. It was joint and had already happened a while ago. We both understand that we are at different times and have different goals. I have always been very transparent with Thaisa and we had beautiful moments, as she herself pointed out, our story is not new”, the actor and singer also published. “Because we had all this respect for her, we did not take this decision public, which The subject only came up now because it was my first public appearance as a single. I'm not into Farofa either, because even if I had done something you would already know from the gossip Instas that are covering everything at full steam. I also have to respect my time to digest the breakup, because no breakup is easy and we can get over it overnight. I have a lot of love and a lot of respect for our history“, he added.

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Fábio Jr's son began his career with his emo band, Hori, which had hits such as “Linda, Tão Linda”. Later he acted in some Globo soap operas, and after a period away from the media, he participated in BBB 21. The artist seems to be in a moment of discovery, and everything indicates that Thaisa is too. At these times it is important to remember that in a happy ending, two people do not always need to be together.


Featured photo: Fiuk and Thaisa. Reproduction/Comma

Fiuk and Thaisa break the silence about the breakup

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