Free Allergy Test: Projeto Brasil Sem Alergia offers tests for residents of Rio de Janeiro and Baixada Fluminense

Free Allergy Test
The free allergy test, offered by the Brasil Sem Alergia project, is helping thousands of people to deal with and avoid terrible allergic reactions.

Free Allergy Test

So it is! Allergic diseases are one of the most common diseases worldwide, and the burden of these diseases continues to increase year after year. And to determine which allergens are responsible, there are different methods called allergy tests. Based on physical reactions to certain triggers, the doctor can determine which hypersensitivity is present. Once the diagnosis has been made and the allergens involved have been identified, the best treatment can be prescribed. But how does the free allergy test work? Are they dangerous? Find out now.

What causes allergies?

Before discovering how the allergy test in Duque de Caxiasit is important to know more about allergies and their causes. Well, allergy is briefly defined as the body’s reaction. In general, allergies can develop due to certain substances and weather conditions. The immune system that protects our bodies sometimes becomes hypersensitive to substances that aren’t harmful, and when they encounter those substances, they react. The reaction state is called hypersensitivity, that is, allergy. The agent causing the allergy is called an allergen.

Free allergy test: The main allergens that cause allergies

Genetic and environmental factors interact and contribute to the development of allergies. Numerous environmental influences also increase the risk of allergies. These risk factors include:
    • Repeated contact with foreign substances (allergens);
    • Nutrition;
    • Pollutants (such as tobacco smoke and toxic substances).
An environment that limits a child’s exposure to bacteria and viruses — which is commonly considered a good thing — can make developing allergies more likely. Contact with microorganisms is limited in families with fewer children and a cleaner environment at home, as well as by early use of antibiotics. Microorganisms live in the digestive tract, respiratory tract, and on the skin. However, it differs from person to person which microorganisms are present. This, in turn, appears to influence whether and which allergies occur. Allergens that most often cause allergic reactions include:
    • Mites;
    • animal hair;
    • Pollen (from trees, grasses and weeds)
    • Specific foods;
    • Medicines such as antibiotics;
    • Latex;
    • Household chemicals such as detergents and fragrances.
Dust mites live in the dust that collects on carpets, bedding, furniture and toys.

Most common types of allergies

Reactions to aeroallergens:
    • Rhinitis;
    • Asthma;
    • Bronchitis;
Topical allergies:
    • Dermatitis;
    • Eczemas;
    • Emotional allergy;
    • Drug allergy;
    • Allergy in the vagina;
    • Diaper allergy;
    • Allergy to animal dander.

When to do the allergy test in Duque de Caxias?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so get tested as soon as possible.

But you should have an Allergy Test in Duque de Caxias if you have the following symptoms:
    • Itch;
    • Sneezing;
    • Runny nose;
    • Nasal congestion;
    • Recurrent cough;
    • Wheezing in the throat.
Just get in touch with the Brasil Sem Alergia project to schedule an appointment and discover your allergen.

How does the free allergy test work in Duque de Caxias?

The allergy test in Duque de Caxias can vary according to the signs and symptoms presented by the person and the type of allergy you want to investigate, and can be recommended by the doctor:
    • Prick Test: a few drops of the substance believed to cause an allergy are applied to the person’s forearm, or a needle is pricked with the substance.
    • patch test: it involves sticking an adhesive tape on the patient’s back with a small amount of the substance believed to cause allergy, then it is necessary to wait up to 48 hours and observe if any skin reaction appears;
    • Oral provocation test: which is carried out with the aim of identifying food allergy and consists of ingesting a small amount of food possibly causing the allergy and then observing the development of a reaction.
Skin allergy tests can be done to detect an allergy in anyone, including babies, and the positive reaction is a red blister, like a mosquito bite, which causes swelling and itching at the site. In addition to these tests, the patient can have a blood test to assess whether there are substances in the blood that indicate whether the individual has any type of allergy.

Is free allergy testing dangerous?

Since an allergy test exposes the patient to a small amount of the allergen, there is a chance of having an allergic reaction. Under special circumstances, this can also result in shortness of breath, tachycardia and circulatory problems. For this reason, an allergy test should always be performed by specially trained specialists with the necessary skills to use it if needed.

What are the benefits of allergy testing? What are the consequences if the test is not applied?

With the help of tests, finding out which substance the individual is allergic to can direct treatment. Here are the main benefits:
    • You will know if you have an allergy to a certain substance or food.
    • You will be able to prevent future allergic reactions.
    • You may be able to reduce your symptoms and lower your risk of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions).
    • Your doctor may be able to find a treatment for your allergies that is more effective than any other treatment you’ve tried in the past.
    • You may be able to prevent some serious health problems, including asthma, eczema and allergic rhinitis.
    • If you have a food allergy, you may be able to avoid developing symptoms and reactions after eating the food by avoiding eating it for a certain period of time before your next scheduled test.

About the Brazil Without Allergy Project

This is a social project, created by the doctor Marcello Bossois and his wife Patrícia Schlinkert, who took the initiative to carry out charitable actions through free medical procedures, such as allergy tests, with the main objective of promoting the social inclusion of people with poor financial conditions. Brasil Sem Alergia started in Duque Caxias, in 2007, after doctors were invited to provide temporary support to residents of that region, who suffered from soot from the local refinery. But the need was so great that the project ended up becoming permanent. And today, despite not receiving any aid from the government, Brasil Sem Alergia has already spread to cities in RJ and the Baixada Fluminense region, also in the south of the country, and has served more than 500,000 people, with more than 10,000 being assisted per month. . Therefore, if you want to carry out an allergy test but cannot afford it, visit the website Brazil Without Allergy, and schedule an appointment now. They are waiting for you! Featured Photo: Playback

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Free Allergy Test

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